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You Can Now Reverse Balding With Our Hair Loss Treatments

Reverse Balding with Our Hair Loss Treatments

When we think of balding, especially in men, we think of an older person with a receding hairline, a growing bald spot at the crown or thinning hair through which you can see the scalp. We rarely hear of younger men going bald, but it’s not uncommon. Youth is not a guarantee against male pattern balding, as one of our client’s Glendon will tell you. The 22-year-old noticed a bald spot and came to us for help with this issue. Not only were we able to help him with his bald spot, we also improved his hair growth. Here’s what you need to know about male pattern balding or androgenetic alopecia.

What is androgenetic alopecia?

If, like Glendon, you notice a bald spot at the crown, or a receding hairline or your hairline looking more like an “M” rather than a gentle “U”, you’re probably suffering from androgenetic alopecia or male pattern balding. This type of hair loss mainly affects men in their fifties (as well as some women), but younger men are not exempt from it. The main cause of androgenetic alopecia is a mix of genetic and hormonal factors, specifically the male sex hormone androgens—hence the name. However, you can experience an early onset of this type of hair loss due to stress, extreme diets, illnesses, smoking, alcohol consumption and a high body mass index.

Treatments that can help tackle androgenetic alopecia

“I was afraid that my condition would get worse, and my bald spot would become bigger, so I came to Papilla Haircare,” explains Glendon, whose androgenetic alopecia was brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle. Early detection and treatment of male pattern baldness can really go a long way in helping to halt hair loss. Glendon got three sessions of our S.E.P Activator Treatment.  

This is a needle-free, non-surgical, non-invasive scalp treatment that allows transdermal delivery of our Papilla-exclusive stem cell solution to the scalp to awaken dormant hair follicles and boost a healthy hair growth cycle. Scalpelectroporation® or S.E.P works by using mild electrical pulses to temporarily disrupt the water channels in the skin to improve permeability of nutritious substances to the deeper layers of the scalp. This improves the absorption of the serum by up to 17 times as compared to topical application, making it an extremely effective solution for hair loss. “After three sessions at Papilla Haircare, I found the hair on my bald spot growing out. I also found my hair feeling thicker and noticed reduced hair fall,” says Glendon.

If you’re not afraid of needles, and can manage a small amount of pain, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Papilla Regenera Program can also help with halting hair loss and are ideal treatments to complement and boost the results of S.E.P Activator Treatment.  

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is mildly invasive, non-surgical treatment during which plasma from your own blood is injected into targeted locations on the scalp. This Platelet Rich Plasma is rich in growth factors that help to improve blood supply to damaged hair follicles to help boost hair growth. There are no chemicals involved, so it’s a safe and effective method to help boost hair growth.

Another treatment that can help boost hair growth and stimulate dormant hair follicles is the Papilla Regenera Program. Similar to PRP, it uses a micrograft from a part of the scalp that still has healthy hair growth, and growth factors harvested from this are then intradermally introduced into the scalp to help stimulate healthy hair growth at the targeted area. It is relatively painless, with no down time and a great supplementary treatment to the S.E.P Scalp Treatment  

To prolong the benefits of these scalp treatments it’s essential to maintain a comprehensive scalp and hair routine at home. Opt for a good hair loss shampoo like the Hair Rewind Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo that has proprietary Phyto-Revive Complex which is a potent mix of botanical extracts that help to prolong the anagen or growth phase of the hair cycle while also working to prevent hair fall, increase density and diameter, activate follicle stem cells and support scalp health.

A conditioner will help improve the quality of hair, but if you don’t intend to use one, at least make sure you use a scalp tonic like the Hair Regeneration Tonic. It is packed with scalp nourishing ingredients like PDRN, botanical stem cells and other minerals to help maintain scalp health for optimal hair growth. A healthy scalp will also help enhance the benefits of all the scalp treatments so your hair looks healthy and thick.  

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