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Yes, You Can Colour Your Hair And Have A Healthy Scalp

Colour Hair with A Healthy Scalp

If you’re in a committed relationship with your colourist and are almost always referencing Blackpink Rosie’s blonde hair, this one’s for you. Each time you colour your hair, you’re damaging your scalp as well as the lengths. Doesn’t matter if it’s balayage, dyeing your hair to hide greys or bleaching it so you can get a trendy pastel shade, the chemicals in the dye strip away your natural protective oils leaving the scalp vulnerable to environmental damage as well as damage from styling products. This could leave your scalp feeling sensitised and/or inflamed and irritated. The dye also opens the hair cuticles to deposit colour pigments, which results in hair that is dry, coarse and brittle, making it prone to breakage.

But we totally understand that you can’t stop, won’t stop. That’s why we’ve got the best tips to keep your scalp and hair healthy even as you make your next appointment to see your colourist.

Use the right shampoo and conditioner
A good colour protection shampoo and conditioner like the Hair Rewind Colour Protect range will not only help maintain the colour, they will also keep your scalp clean and balanced. The products feature wheat bran proteins that repair and seal the hair cuticles preventing the colour pigments from getting washed out. At the same time, fulvic helps to neutralise and detox the scalp of potentially irritating chemicals found in dyes and bleach. It also helps to rebalance chemically damaged scalp and lengths. Another key ingredient, camellia oil, strengthens the lengths to help prevent breakage. Now you can wash your hair as often as you like while still maintaining your colour.

The Hair Rewind Colour Protect conditioner mask also has encapsulated marine algae that helps repair lengths from within while forming a lightweight protective coating to seal in moisture. As the name suggests, it can be used as both a conditioner and a mask to give your coloured tresses the TLC they need.

Add a scalp tonic to your hair care routine
Scalp tonics help to replenish moisture directly at the scalp. If you pick one like the Hair Regeneration Tonic With PhytoKines (Hair Loss 4 to 6), it will soothe any scalp irritation thanks to the anti-inflammatory benefits of ingredients like bisabolol and centella asiatica. It also has botanical stem cell extracts and Allosterys PE™ that protect the hair from free radical damage, promote a healthy hair cycle, strengthen dermal papilla and boost density for thicker healthier hair. Apply it directly to the scalp after drying your hair and gently massage with your fingertips till it’s fully absorbed.

Schedule regular scalp treatments
Think of these as facials for your scalp where it gets the pampering and TLC it deserves. The Customised Jet Infusion Scalp Treatment is ideal for those who have coloured hair because the serum used can be customised to treat a variety of scalp conditions and concerns ranging from dryness and flakes to redness, inflammation and excess sebum production.

After an in-depth consultation, a custom blend serum is created. The scalp is then gently exfoliated with a mask to remove any dead skin and product buildup. With dead skin and debris out of the way, the scalp is able to better absorb the nourishing serum. The customised serum is then delivered directly to the scalp via medical grade jet device. The high-pressure oxygen from the jet helps the serum to penetrate the deeper layers of the scalp for best results. The scalp feels refreshed and rebalanced thanks to this relaxing and comfortable treatment.

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