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Essential Vitamins That Help Hair Growth

Many individuals facing hair loss or hair thinning are only treating the problem externally. Sometimes the causes of hair loss can be internal, and as the new saying goes, “Healthy hair begins with healthy guts.

To remedy this, we can look at incorporating a healthy diet to properly nourish our body, which in turn, nourishes our scalp to nurture better hair growth. In this article, we will look at some of the essential ingredients and vitamins that can contribute to healthy hair restoration.

How do Vitamins Help Hair Growth?

A nutrient-rich diet is beneficial for your overall health, and a deficiency can contribute to hair loss in men and women alike. Multiple studies have shown correlations between nutrient deficiency, specifically vitamins, and hair loss or hair thinning. It’s easy to overlook the importance of a proper vitamin intake, as many of us presume that our regular diets are sufficient.

food rich in vitamins for hair growth

The common, off-the-shelf “hair vitamins for hair” are often misleading as low-quality supplements are not absorbed well into the body, making little to no difference in the end result. Ultimately, the best source of essential vitamins is foods, and many foods for hair growth also help in preventing further hair loss.

Do vitamins alone help with hair loss?

Even the best hair regrowth treatments are recommended alongside other good haircare practices. While vitamin deficiency has been scientifically proven to cause hair loss, a multitude of other factors may also contribute to the issue. In order to combat hair loss in its entirety, each factor must be individually addressed.

shampooing for hair growth

Notably, certain lifestyle habits can both generate and aggravate hair loss, such as smoking or excessive shampooing. Similarly, styling products are largely made of chemical compounds, which can clog the scalp and cause irritation or rashes. Most styling waxes or powders also leave some residual matter on the scalp, preventing the necessary oils from forming their protective layer.

Regular scalp or hair regrowth treatments will combat these causes, effectively maximizing the results. Coupled with essential vitamins, you can promote hair growth from both the inside and outside!

Essential Vitamins for Better Hair Growth

It is not one single nutrient, but a combination of multiple essential vitamins working together in order to promote hair growth. All of these are beneficial when addressing hair loss, and more importantly, these vitamins have key roles in our overall health.

types of vitamins in foods for hair growth

  • Vitamin A is the fundamental growth nutrient for all cells, including the hair. Additionally, it plays a key role in the production of sebum, the moisturizing oil which keeps the scalp and hair healthy. Avoid excessive and frequent shampooing as this can rinse off the accumulated sebum.
  • Biotin (Vitamin B) is the most popular vitamin associated with treating hair loss, as it promotes the natural growth process and the production of red blood cells. These cells are then tasked with carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells, including the scalp and hair follicles.
  • Vitamin C, alongside its multitude of other health benefits, acts as a strong antioxidant and is required by the body to create collagen, an essential component of hair structure.
  • Vitamin D deficiency has been scientifically linked to hair loss and many other conditions. Newer research suggests that it may also help the body build new hair follicles.

These vitamins are easily encountered in ordinary foods, making them not only accessible but also convenient in nature. Note that all of the vitamins listed above are essential for a multitude of functions and not just for hair growth. A proper, nutritious diet is fundamental for good health, and the health of your hair quality is a great reflector of your general health.

What About Hair Supplements?

hair supplements vitamins for hair growth

Vitamin supplements is generally considered a good alternative for people who are struggling to consume the recommended amount of nutrients exclusively from food. The difference, however, is in the quality of the supplements.

Buying supplements online comes with a few risks, as most products are heavily marketed and promoted although their real effectiveness still remains questionable. More so, specialists do not endorse the practice of ordering supplements online, as you will be bringing compounds with unknown potential side effects into your body.

Ultimately, the most suitable supplements and treatments should be recommended by a professional with plenty of experience in fighting hair loss.

An early assessment and diagnosis from a hair or scalp care specialist, also known as a trichologist, can help to determine the right treatment suited for your hair loss condition. Hair regrowth treatments during the earlier stages of hair loss will effectively prevent severe thinning or loss, while promoting regrowth.

Seek professional help from our skilled trichologists to treat the cause of your hair loss through medically-backed and effective treatments, only at Papilla Haircare.

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