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S.E.P Activator

The S.E.P Activator is the cult-favourite scalp treatment that promises new hair growth in just 3 months time. This innovative technology coupled with our Papilla-exclusive stem cell solution breathes new life into your dormant hair follicles to encourage a healthy hair growth cycle.


First Trial Price: $128


Treatment Highlights
  • Non-invasive
  • No downtime
  • FDA-approved ScalpElectroporation® technology
  • Papilla-exclusive stem cell solution reaches the deepest layer of the scalp
  • Serum absorption is up to 17X more effective than topical application
  • Significant results in short time frame

Scalpelectroporation®, also known as S.E.P. for short, is a new breakthrough technology that is FDA approved as a true alternative to injections. Hailing from Italy, this incredible needle-free procedure allows the transdermal delivery of any substance the doctor or trichologist recommends.

why choose papilla haircare?

We understand your scalp concerns, and we are dedicated to get to the root of the issue. Our medical-grade technologies, multi-pronged approach provide solutions, and game-changing ingredients will help optimise your scalp health for fuller and thicker hair.

Why they love it

Zoe Lim


Starting hair treatment with Papilla Haircare was the best decision ever, besides the great and professional service by Team Papilla Haircare Katong, seeing results made every trip down worthwhile!

K Ng


Came for a scalp treatment few days ago. Staff Kelvin and Chris attended to me. They were very friendly and knowledgeable. Treatment was not painful at all. I noticed my hairfall was less after the treatment. Kev explained the benefits of different treatments that are suitable for me. He is not pushy at all. Overall a satisfied customer of Papilla. I would definitely come back again. Thumbs up!

Geannie 86


Andy has been very attentive and will provide insightful advices on how to take care my hair & scalp since the start of my treatment with him. Highly recommended place to go to as I have tried scalp treatment in a few places but no where can meet the results in the shortest timeframe like Papilla! Papilla doesn’t offer the cheapest services compared to many, but they are one of the effective salon to go to if you want to see quick results:)

Rachel G.


I first came to Papilla after an outlet opened up at Nex. I was also experiencing wide white patches along my hair parting and just using special scalp shampoos only helped to a certain extent before my progress plateaued. I decided to try Papilla because they were scientifically backed and the treatment process went beyond what I experienced at other places. I’m happy to say that these white patches started to disappear after the initial few treatments and now they are barely existent. My friends and family have been amazed at the visible difference. Would definitely recommend this anyone who has tried self help products and would like to look into professional treatments!

C Crumbs


As other reviewers have mentioned, it is pricey and they get you to buy your package at your trial visit. My main concerns were preventing hair loss and keeping a healthy mane of hair (I’m not balding) so I did find the prices really steep ~350-400 each time – less if you buy more sessions. However as I went on, I understood the quality of the SEP treatments I was doing and have noticed positive changes in my scalp and hair texture over the past year. Allan (whom I believe is the manager), the ladies at reception are always lovely and welcoming. My favourite therapists are Snow and Winston who make every visit a relaxing and pleasant one! I’m really happy I found Papilla and appreciate the quality of their treatments. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Saku Ra


I hv been doing my scalp treatments at papilla for 7 months and have seen such a significant result on my thin and fine hair within 2 months . The staffs there were friendly and the environment is very cozy . Swan is one of my favourite therapist as she is very gentle with my hair and very patient aswell . Amelia , the consultant at papilla , she suggested me the most suitable treatments for my thin/ fine hair ( SEP+ DNA+ RF) and seen a lot of baby hair growing , hair become much fuller and hair drop getting lesser and lesser . Treatments can be quite pricey but u get 100 percent of what u paid
Definitely recommend to visit ….

Amanda A.


I’ve been coming to Papilla for scalp treatments for 3 months now, and have seen significant improvements in my hair loss condition. Under the attentive care and guidance of Kai, Chris, and Sieny, I drop a lot less hair in the shower now, and have started to see a lot of baby hair growing. It’s definitely worth the money and I thoroughly enjoy all my treatments thanks to the wonderful team!



I went for my first consultation in March with Andy and he was very patient and detailed as he explained my condition to me. He was quick to identify the scalp issues and he offered a combination of treatment solutions. Just after a couple of sessions, I can indeed see my previous bald patches sprouting with baby hair and my hair loss has been brought down to the minimum as well! Throughout all the sessions I have done with him, Andy is meticulous and skilled in his work. He is not pushy at all and I can tell that he is genuine in trying to help me solve my problem.

There were also times when Andy was away and Ivy assisted me with the treatments. She is very professional and experienced in the work she does which gave me a lot of assurance and confidence. I am so glad that I am in good hands and will definitely highly recommend both of them to anyone who has thinning hair or any scalp related issues!!

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