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This 5-Step Routine Will Give You A Healthy Scalp And The Hair You’ve Always Wanted

5-Step Routine for A Healthy Scalp


Sheet masks, clay masks, serums, SPF, skincare devices, regular facials and visits to the dermatologist or aesthetician—we pay a lot of attention to the skin on our faces. But our scalps? Not so much. We tend to forget that the scalp is actually an extension of the skin on our faces and would benefit from as much care as our skin. After all, a healthy and strong scalp is the first step to luscious, long hair. Here is a simple five-step routine that will keep your scalp healthy and strong.

Weekly: Exfoliate

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Bio-Enzyme Scalp Mask

Sloughing of dead skin, sebum and product build up with an exfoliator like the Bio-Enzyme Scalp Mask helps unclog pores and promotes scalp renewal. Botanical stem cells, protease and anti-microbial peptides exfoliate the scalp without causing any irritation, while salmon PDRN helps nourish the scalp. Just two to three drops massaged along the hairline or on problem areas and washed off after five minutes helps maintain healthy pH levels, strengthens the scalp’s natural barrier, fights free radical damage, soothes inflammation and prevents hair loss. It also has anti-dandruff and anti-DHT benefits.

Daily: Cleanse

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Just as you would cleanse your face on a daily basis, it’s important to cleanse your scalp too. The Hair Rewind range of shampoos is perfect for this. Formulated together with trichologists, they combine cutting edge technology with clinical grade skincare ingredients that help to not only strengthen and condition the scalp but also maintain the health and integrity of the lengths. Pick from Anti Hair Loss, Anti Greying and Colour Protect options to meet your hair and scalp care needs.

Daily: Condition

Once the scalp and hair are clean, it’s time to nourish them with the Hair Rewind Conditioner Masks. While most conditioners can only be used on the lengths of the hair, these can be used on the scalp as well, and they double up as hair masks. They are packed with nourishing ingredients like encapsulated marine algae that is extremely reparative and creates a lightweight coating to help seal in moisture. Plus, it penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen hair, fight frizz and reduce tangles thanks to a time-release nano delivery system. Apply generously on the roots and lengths of your hair, and leave on for three to five minutes before rinsing for a stronger scalp and lustrous hair.

Daily: Treat

HairRegeneration Hair loss 1-3(1)

Think of the Hair Regeneration Tonic with PhytoKines (Hair Loss 1 to 3) as a serum for your scalp. It helps soothe inflammation and supports healthy hair growth with ingredients like PDRN, botanical stem cell extracts and Allosterys PE. It also has lactobacillus to promote hair follicle activity while maintaining a healthy pH balance. Massage a few drops onto along the hairline or on problem areas—once the hair is dry— to boost hair density, fight free radical damage, inhibit 5-alpha reductase and reduce dandruff.

Monthly: Scalp Treatments

Getting regular scalp treatments can further boost scalp health to ensure healthy hair growth, slow down scalp ageing and tackle any scalp or hair concerns. The Customised Jet Infusion Scalp Treatment is ideal for any scalp type or concern as the serum used in this treatment can be tailored to suit your unique needs. The bespoke serum is then infused into the scalp via medical grade jet device. The high-pressure oxygen from the jet helps the serum penetrate the scalp better for instant visible results.

If you suffer from hair loss, the S.E.P Activator for Hair Loss Treatment is a better option. The treatment uses S.E.P or ScalpElectroporation to deliver nourishing ingredients that halt hair loss to the deeper layers of the scalp. To do this, it temporarily disrupts the skin’s water-based channels with low electrical pulses. This increases absorption of these ingredients making the technology 17 times more effective than other topical applications.

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