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What are the Available Treatments for Thinning Hair In Singapore?

Thinning hair in Singapore is a condition that can affect both men and women. Male hair loss is incredibly common with 40% of men suffering from noticeable hair loss by the time they reach the age of 30, and unfortunately, women are not safe from hair thinning either.

female hair thinning singapore

Female hair loss is also not a rare phenomenon, statistics show that fewer than 50% of women maintain a full head of hair for their whole life. However, if you are unfortunate enough to experience hair loss there are some great hair thinning treatments in Singapore that can help.

There are several different reasons why men and women experience hair loss. In men, the most common is male pattern baldness, which is a genetic condition affecting more than 50% of all men over the age of 50. In women, genetics can play a part in their hair loss, but there may be other reasons including hormones, stress and even certain hairstyles which can cause a type of hair loss called traction alopecia.

Available treatments for hair thinning in Singapore

It is important to determine the cause of your hair thinning before deciding on the treatment that is best for you. Additionally, if your goal is to have a healthy crown of hair, it is best to not let your hair or scalp problems go untreated. This can lead to significant hair loss and permanent bald spots.

There is a huge range of treatments for hair thinning in Singapore including:

  • Non-invasive – Does not involve breaking the skin to enter the body
  • Non-ablative – Targets the underlying skin tissue without damaging the surface of the skin
  • Minimally-invasive – Enters the surface layer of the skin
  • Minimally-ablative – Removes the top layer of skin

Choosing the best treatment for you depends on the cause and severity of your case. Here is an overview of hair thinning treatment options available in Singapore.

Cell Nutrition for Hair Thinning

Cell therapy delivers stem cells or stem cell-conditioned media to the scalp using a non-invasive approach, through iontophoresis. Traditionally, this was done using a microneedle, however, Papilla Haircare has adapted this technology to get nutrient-rich substances to the hair follicles which needle-phobics will appreciate.

Not a new fad, iontophoresis leverages on stimulating the skin’s permeability to (micro) molecules using galvanic currents to encourage the scalp to take in hair growth actives.

The Cell Nutrition Therapy is suitable for all ages and hair types struggling with mild hair loss and thinning, and the benefits of this treatment also include:

  • Deep follicle cleansing
  • Reduced scalp inflammation
  • Enhanced scalp immunity
  • Restored pH levels
  • Lymphatic toxin discharge
  • Suitable for male hair loss and female hair loss

DNA Activator for Hair Growth

Iontophoresis applies low electric current pulses through the skin to administer substances with medicinal properties into the body. In Papilla’s new DNA Activator, treatment combines both iontophoresis and ionization processes to effectively deliver healthy growth cells into the scalp to combat hair thinning.

The low current pulses also trigger hair cell regeneration in the scalp, waking up dormant follicles and encouraging the hair regrowth stage.

DNA Activator before after pic

In contrast to Papilla’s signature S.E.P. Activator for Hair Loss treatment, the DNA Activator is recommended for those who experience milder hair loss symptoms and hair thinning.

Scalp RF RegenULTRA with Salmon PDRN

Radiofrequency (RF) has commonly been used as a skin tightening procedure, but as a hair thinning treatment, it is an innovative approach. The mildly ablative treatment uses nanoneedles across the scalp to deliver hair growth factors. The nano-fractional RF energy also helps to stimulate the follicles, encourage the production of melanin and collagen, and deliver nutrients to the base of the hair follicle.

thinning treatment stimulating hair follicle diagram

In Papilla Haircare’s Scalp RF RegenULTRA hair loss treatment, salmon PDRN is delivered into the scalp with RF energy. After 10 sessions, patients saw:

  • 31.6% improvement in hair count
  • 18% improvement in hair shaft thickness

Mesotherapy Micro-Needling

Micro-needling has become a skincare staple in recent years, but less well known is that it is also an effective way to treat hair thinning.

Micro-needling the scalp creates a physical pathway through the skin to easily deliver active ingredients to the dermis layer, while also stimulating and strengthening hair follicles and releasing growth factors. The micro-injuries also encourage the regeneration of the follicles promoting hair growth.

While there is perfectly good at-home derma-rollers that you can use for your scalp, it is best to leave these minimally invasive hair loss treatments to the professionals. This reduces any side effects, risks, or complications that you may experience.

mesotherapy microneedling hair thinning

How much do hair thinning treatments cost in Singapore?

As opposed to over-the-counter hair regrowth treatments, professional hair and scalp care treatments performed by trichologists can be costly. However, you can rest assured that satisfactory results are the main aim of these medically backed treatments.

Treatment Average cost in Singapore
Cell Nutrition Therapy ~ $450 per session
DNA Activator ~ $300 per session
RF RegenULTRA with Salmon PDRN ~ $400 per session
Mesotherapy $200 – 700 per session

How to find the best hair thinning treatment in Singapore

When looking for a procedure that treats thinning hair, it is important to opt for a specialist hair and scalp care centre. Ensure that they have a great track record before making your decision. Look at plenty of customer testimonials and before and after photos so you feel confident you will get the results you are looking for.

Papilla Haircare is a medically backed hair loss centre providing Singapore’s 1st revolutionary Salmon PDRN for Hair Loss. Only available in Papilla Haircare, our bio-cellular technology offers unparalleled hair regrowth formulas for all types of scalp concerns and our team of experts are highly trained and equipped with the latest technology to solve your hair loss issues – whether you are experiencing hair loss, hair thinning, balding, or simply looking to rejuvenate the health of your scalp for better, healthier hair.

Looking for a hair loss treatment in Serangoon or in the heart of Orchard? Book your consultation with Singapore’s best scalp experts here today.

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