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The Ultimate Scalp Treatment For Stronger, Healthier Hair


Fact: Your hair is only as healthy as your scalp. If you’ve been neglecting scalp care it’s likely that your scalp is itchy, flaky, inflamed and irritated, and your hair, thin, dull and straggly. A healthy scalp that is exfoliated, hydrated, balanced and nourished is the key to healthy, glossy, strong hair and we have just the pampering treatment for it: the Papilla 3-Step Signature Scalp Treatment.

Check yourself into any one of Papilla Haircare’s salons and spend an indulgent couple of hours on yourself as your scalp gets pampered and treated for any concerns you might have. The session begins with gentle exfoliation of dead skin, product build up and excess sebum with the Detox Hair Mask. This is coupled with the DNA Activator for Hair Growth treatment that uses mild electrical currents or iontophoresis, along with ionisation to thoroughly cleanse the scalp while increasing microcirculation. It also effectively balances the pH level of the scalp to create optimal conditions for better hair growth. Your hair is then washed and a rejuvenating massage ensures your scalp is ready to absorb all the goodness from the next steps.

Next, radiofrequency or RF is effectively used to induce scalp healing and rejuvenation to extend hair growth cycles. The Scalp RF RegenULTRA uses a handset that delivers Nano Fractional RF energy of up to 700 pulses at once via tiny pins that have a miniscule footprint of precisely 150 x 20 microns. Not only does this enhance melanin and collagen production and stimulate the follicles, it also allows nutritious substances like Salmon PDRN to be directly absorbed into the hair papilla. This helps repair DNA damage and improves the health of the scalp to reduce hair fall, delay greying and strengthen strands. The tips used on the handset are sterile and single use only to ensure highest standards of hygiene.

After this, your scalp is treated to Papilla Haircare’s exclusive hair growth solution using the needle-free S.E.P Activator for Hair Loss Treatment. During this part of the treatment a technology called electroporation is used to ensure that the hair growth solution reaches the deepest layer of the scalp for best results. Electroporation technology targets the skin’s water-based channels with low electrical pulses to improve permeability and this increases absorption of substances into the superficial and deeper layers of the scalp. This makes it 17 times more effective than topical application and an incredibly efficient treatment when it comes to tackling hair loss and other scalp conditions.

Your session ends with the Lux LLLT treatment that is a LED energy therapy that helps seal in all the goodness from the previous treatments while also further enhancing scalp health and rejuvenating hair follicles to improve hair growth and thickness of strands.

These treatments are ideal for those who are afraid of needles and require absolutely no down time, you may resume your activities as soon as you step out of the centre. They are also relatively painless, though you may feel a gentle prickly sensation and your scalp may feel a bit warm during RF RegenULTRA and S.E.P Activator parts of the treatment. You may also notice some redness after, which will subside in a few hours.

As you step out you will notice your scalp feels light, rejuvenated and refreshed. In the coming weeks you can expect reduced hair fall and fuller, thicker, stronger hair. You’re welcome!

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