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Papilla’s Viva RF treatment works on the principle of controlled injury to the scalp by creating precise micro-channels via Radio Frequency and a proprietary Diamond POLAR pulse modality, to stimulate fibroblasts and induce healing and scalp rejuvenation.

World’s 1st Scalp RF using Nano-Fractional Radio Frequency, SmartSCAN technology and MP2 technology.

While Radio Frequency has been used in cosmetology devices for decades, this is the 1st time that this technology is effectively adapted for hair loss.

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Sophisticated Science

The treatment is safe, consistent and cleared by the FDA for dermatological treatments. Using both MONO and BI-POLAR RF, the Viva RF induces growth factors, prolonging the Anagen cycle and increases activity in the Dermal Papilla. The RF energy increases circulation and improves oxygenation to nourish and assist in the removal of waste. The results are a healthier scalp with better anchorage of follicles.

How does Scalp RF RegenULTRA work?

Tiny pins are pressed onto the scalp while the handset delivers Nano Fractional RF energy. As the patented tips touch the skin, a boost of energy delivers up to 700 pulses at once, via a miniscule footprint per pin at precisely 150 x 20 microns, and leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed. These tips are sterile and single-use for maximal client hygiene.

The benefits here are 2-fold, while the RF stimulates follicles, enhances melanin and collagen production, it also creates tiny wounds in the stratum corneum for our EV ™ cell formulation to deliver nutrients straight to the hair papilla.

This remains one of the most innovative needle-free drug delivery mechanisms to date.

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Salmon PDRN Research Results

PDRN is Salmon DNA extracts used to repair the hair follicle from the cellular level. It is delivered into the scalp using RF technology and has an excellent effect on cell growth and tissue regeneration. Papilla's PDRN extracts are harvested from our own laboratories in Korea and are shown to reverse DNA damage and improve scalp condition.

World’s 1st Salmon PDRN used for Scalp Rejuvenation

scalp rf regenultra with salmon pdrn clinical results


Benefits at a glance

Pain Level and Downtime

The treatment is mildly ablative with a Papilla Pain Scale Level of 3. There may be mild redness post-treatment which rapidly goes away. There is no risk, no downtime and no surgery is required.

Hair cell activation to grow new follicles

Initiates healing and accelerates repair

Increase hair thickness

Inflammation suppression

Stop hair loss

Achieve healthier scalp

Long lasting results

Increase melanin production

Scalp rejuvenation

Recommended for

tick-Icon-150x150   Treats Alopecia Type 1 and 2 and Hamilton classifications 3 to 5.
tick-Icon-150x150   Suitable for all scalp types
tick-Icon-150x150  Dermatologist tested
tick-Icon-150x150  Scientifically formulated
tick-Icon-150x150  Lab certified
tick-Icon-150x150  Based on Clinical trial data
tick-Icon-150x150  Cell rejuvenation using EV-cytokine technology



Venus VIVA Centre of Excellence

Papilla Haircare is honoured to be recognised as the only Platinum Status Venus VIVA Scalp centre in Singapore, and is awarded a certificate of excellence as a leading provider of Scalp RF Treatment in 2019.


scalp rf regenultra before after one
scalp rf regenultra before after two
scalp rf regenultra before after three
scalp rf regenultra before after four
scalp rf regenultra before after five
scalp rf regenultra before after six
scalp rf regenultra before after seven


  Cell Nutrition Therapy DNA Activator S.E.P. Activator RF RegenULTRA Meso HairULTRA
Hair Thinning
Hair Loss Stages 1 - 3 1 - 4 1 - 6 1 - 6 1 - 6
Pain Level (0 to 10) 0 0 1 2 3
Depth of Delivery Epidermis (Shallow) Epidermis to Dermis (Medium) Epidermis to Subcutaneous (Deepest) Epidermis to Dermis (Medium) Epidermis to Dermis (Medium)
Technology Iontophoresis Iontophoresis + Ionization Scalp Electroporation Viva RF Micro Needling
Type Non-Invasive Non-Invasive Non-Invasive Mildly Ablative Minimally-Invasive
Clinically Proven
Suitability for Post Hair Transplant Suitable Suitable Suitable - -


papilla hair loss treatment delivery modes diagram


Is the treatment suitable for pregnant women?

This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women.

Is the treatment suitable for breastfeeding moms?

RF RegenULTRA delivers serums to the dermis and not to the blood stream. Hence it is safe for breast feeding moms. The only product to avoid is Papilla’s Daily Scalp Mask which contains acids. Please let our therapists know if you are breastfeeding so that we are aware of what products to avoid.

Is the treatment painful?

There is a mild prickly sensation as the handpiece makes contact with the scalp and the treated area may feel slightly warm. This is normal and any redness will go away in a few hours.

Is the treatment invasive?

The treatment is considered non-invasive but is mildly ablative.


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