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Daily Detox Hairwash

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The health of our scalps is important to maintain healthy, lustrous hair. Irritated and inflamed scalp skin can contribute to long-term hair loss, thus keeping our scalp clean and free of buildup is extremely important. Regular home hair washing can remove some grease and excess hair product deposition, however, it is unable to replace a good deep-cleansing.

Get your regular hair wash done at Papilla Haircare, with a scalp detox to exfoliate and hydrate your scalp.

Have a good hair day, everyday.

What is Daily Detox Hairwash?

Just like our skin on the rest of our body, the scalp skin also needs care and attention. A detoxifying hair wash can keep your scalp clean and free of buildup from haircare and styling products, dead skin cells, and daily environmental pollution.

Papilla’s Daily Detox Hairwash also helps to improve dryness, reduce dandruff, and relieve scalp itching. Giving you a healthier scalp, for softer, manageable hair.


How is Daily Detox Hairwash done?

When the scalp is irritated or pH levels are not optimal, scalp skin can become inflamed, resulting in dry and flaky skin or even hair fall.

To manage inflammation, a revitalizing scalp mask containing Papilla’s proprietary botanical cell technology is applied on the scalp. Combined with a scalp detoxification device, this effectively clears the hair follicles and reduces folliculitis. A detoxifying hair wash also restores the optimal pH of the scalp, resulting in a rejuvenated scalp free of impurities. 

Key Advantages & Benefits

tick Icon onePromotes a healthier growth environment
tick Icon two  Unclogs blocked hair follicles 
tick Icon three  Reduces excessive oiliness
tick Icon four   Restores pH balance of the scalp 
tick icon five   Leaves scalp feeling healthier and refreshed
tick icon six  Keeps hair smooth and manageable


How often can you do Daily Detox Hairwash?

The treatment is safe and effective, and can be done daily.

Can it be done together with a hair loss/regrowth treatment?

Yes, the treatment deeply cleanses the scalp and removes any impurities and buildup. This improves skin penetration and product absorption in Papilla’s scalp or hair loss treatments. 

Is the treatment suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding moms?

As the treatment does not introduce any substances into the bloodstream, it is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. 


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