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How is S.E.P. Activator different from Cell Nutrition Therapy?

Hair loss solutions in Singapore vary from surgical to non-surgical procedures such as laser treatments and microneedling. At Papilla Haircare, all forms of hair loss can be treated with our signature hair loss treatments – S.E.P. Activator and Cell Nutrition Therapy.

The effectiveness of the hair loss treatments depends on multiple factors, and there is an important need to be careful about choosing the right type of treatment that is catered for you.

Let us explore the mechanism of action for each of our signature treatments, how they work on the scalp and promote hair regrowth effectively, and the hair loss conditions that they treat.

What is Papilla’s S.E.P. Activator for Hair Loss?

Traditionally, stem cells or stem cell-conditioned media containing hair growth factors were delivered transdermally into the scalp with microneedles.

Building upon this treatment delivery system, people can now receive vital growth factors directly to the hair follicles in the scalp without needles or the accompanying pain with microneedles. S.E.P. stands for “Scalpelectroporation®”, a new, improved-upon delivery system for the scalp.

how scalpelectroporation works diagram

Electroporation describes the manipulation process of the skin to increase its permeability to both micro- and macromolecules, thus allowing substances of any size to be absorbed into the skin.

Using low-level, controlled, varying pulse energy, vital growth factors are administered under the skin and into the hair follicles to provide total rejuvenation and enhance scalp health.

The S.E.P. Activator stands out from other hair loss treatments in Singapore due to its non-invasive and needle-free nature, which allows substances to be delivered just as effectively to promote hair growth, as well as increase the skin’s absorption rate by up to 17 times.

scalpelectroporation visualisation

Papilla’s Scalpelectroporation® technology is medically proven to deliver specific active ingredients into the scalp to tackle any type of hair loss, including:

  • Salmon PDRN
  • SOD Antioxidant Complex™
  • Botanical Cell Extracts
  • Hyaluronic Acid, and more.

Who is S.E.P. Activator For Hair Loss for?

The S.E.P. Activator for Hair Loss is effective for individuals of all ages struggling with Alopecia Types 1 or 2 or fall under the Hamilton-Norwood male pattern baldness scale between stages 3 to 5.

hamilton norwood stages of hair loss male pattern baldness scale

It is also suitable for all scalp types – normal, sensitive, oily or combination.

What is Papilla’s Cell Nutrition Therapy?

Unlike the S.E.P. Activator, the Cell Nutrition Therapy delivers essential nutrients into the scalp through iontophoresis.

It is an electrical pulse drug delivery system that utilizes the processes of electrophoresis (moving molecules using an electric current) and electroosmosis (the flow of liquid across a porous channel).

cell nutrition therapy iontophoresis visualisation

Tiny electric currents facilitate the delivery of a wide array of substances directly into the scalp, eliminating the need for needles or injections.

In contrast to its successor S.E.P., iontophoresis is efficient in delivering small (micro) molecules to the roots of the hair, whereas S.E.P. technology expands on this and further stimulates the skin’s permeability to both macromolecules as well.

Iontophoresis remains at the forefront of cutting-edge technology used in hair loss solutions in Singapore as it offers other advantages in addition to its needle-free drug delivery system. Small galvanic currents have been used in medical therapies for years as a therapeutic treatment, thus offering the following benefits as well:

  • Deep follicle cleansing
  • Reduced scalp inflammation
  • Enhanced scalp immunity
  • Restore normal pH levels
  • Lymphatic toxin discharge

Who is Cell Nutrition Therapy for?

The Cell Nutrition Therapy is suitable for all scalp types across individuals of all age groups struggling with mild hair loss and hair thinning.

mild hair loss and hair thinning

Individuals with visible, expanding parting gaps in the middle of the crown, visible scalp showing through their hair or experiencing hair loss over 100 strands a day can benefit from Cell Nutrition Therapy to provide nourishment to the scalp for healthier hair growth.

What is the difference between S.E.P Activator and Cell Nutrition Therapy?

Both treatments excel in the ability to safely administer essential nutrients like salmon PDRN and hair growth factors to the hair follicle without eliciting much pain or side effects. Besides the types of hair loss that both treatments are indicated for, how do the two treatments compare to each other?

The table below shows an overview of the differences between S.E.P. Activator for Hair Loss and Cell Nutrition Therapy.

Cell Nutrition Therapy

S.E.P. Activator for Hair Loss

Type of procedure


Mode of technology



Depth of drug delivery


Epidermis to subcutaneous layer

Suitable for which hair loss stages?

Early hair loss stages

Early to advanced hair loss stages

How do I decide which is effective for me?

It is crucial that you undergo a full scalp and hair assessment with a trichologist to first determine the causes and severity of your hair loss.

hair loss treatment

The type of treatment, delivery route and potency of active ingredients that makes up your treatment plan will be recommended to you based on the type of hair loss that you have. This makes for a specific hair loss solution that directly addresses your hair loss problems at the roots.

A professional hair and scalp salon will be able to address these problems, guide you through the process, and monitor your progress because they have the capacity to see you through to the end. The primary goal of any and all medically backed hair loss treatments are to restore the health of the scalp, leading to an increase in hair volume for you.

Schedule a consultation with our trichologists for an assessment of your scalp and the suitable scalp treatment plan for you today.

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