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Science Behind Effective Yet Non-Invasive Female Hair Loss Treatments

With many women in Singapore facing female hair loss issues, although it is a natural occurrence, it can be quite drastic to look for suitable treatments that may work for you.

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According to this article, hair loss is defined as a part of your head that is thinning or forming bald patches on your scalp.

An increased amount of hair loss over time can be caused by a number of reasons, and this ranges from aging, to stress-induced hair loss, hereditary factors, and in some cases, poor diets.

The upside is that there are ways to prevent or reduce hair loss. The type of hair loss treatments available, especially for females, is dependent on the root cause of the problem and the mechanism of the treatments you opt for.

While some prefer to go under the knife by choosing surgical treatments to solve their hair loss problems, there are other treatments that are non-invasive to the scalp and are effective, if not more, in addressing your hair loss issues.

You will find the information you need in this article identifying the types of non-invasive treatments to solve hair loss for females in Singapore, and how they work.

The difference between Male and Female hair loss treatments

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It has been concluded that a different approach is necessary to treat hair loss for females as compared to males. While some treatments like off-the-shelf products, such as Minoxidil (Rogaine), are FDA-approved to treat both male and female hair loss patterns, the results for both sexes differ.

It may not necessarily reinstate the full density of hair on the female scalp, and also may trigger some unwanted side effects which include dry scalp (dermatitis) or hypertrichosis, which is an excess of undesired hair growth in the wrong places, like on the cheeks or forehead.

Based largely on its effectiveness and absence of side effects, non-invasive treatments have been the go-to solution for many women facing hair loss or scalp problems. Popular non-surgical hair loss treatments include laser therapy (or light therapy) and cell therapy.

Light Therapy

Also an FDA-approved treatment to combat hair loss in females, this form of therapy involves the use of light energy to effectively target the hair follicles, allowing for a direct stimulation of hair regrowth.

A study was done to confirm the effectiveness of low level light therapy (LLLT), where the mechanism of action falls on the emission of the visible red light lasers measuring a total of 600 nanometers in bandwidth. Nearly 40% of hair increase was observed in the participants of the study, suggesting the effectiveness of the therapy to treat hair loss.

Why red light?

red laser hair wavelength information

At a specific bandwidth, the photons emitted by these visible red lasers are proven to be absorbed by your hair follicles, triggering the natural growth factors in your scalp and hence promoting an increase in hair growth. The treatment is widely-accepted by men and women facing hair loss because of its non-invasive delivery mechanism and its significant results.

Cell Therapy

By stimulating the scalp, a specific form of cell therapy involving low-frequency electric pulses promotes hair regrowth by reactivating dormant hair follicles and reversing the effects of hair loss.

Also known as cell technology treatment, there is evidence of its benefits to the human body than just the scalp. E-stim, or electrical stimulation, has helped many people suffering from tense muscles or aches. The mechanism of action is fairly similar to the ones done on scalps as a form of hair loss treatment, and many have had positive results arising from this cell therapy.

How Papilla Haircare’s female hair loss treatments can help you

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Looking for cost-effective treatments to combat female hair loss problems and achieve a healthier scalp in Singapore? With Papilla Haircare, clients are provided 100% medically-backed solutions to your hair loss and scalp problems. Papilla Haircare has also achieved a 99% success rate, more than any other hair treatment facility in Singapore.

Lux LLLT Scalp Treatment (Light therapy)

Among many of Papilla’s hair treatments, the Lux LLLT Scalp Treatment is a preferred treatment among women in Singapore because of its effectiveness, the absence of pain and side effects on the scalp.

A clinically-proven therapy for hair regrowth, it works by emitting Low Level Light Therapy diodes through high-powered LED lenses (with narrow Red 625 nanometers in bandwidth) to encourage hair follicles to heal, rejuvenate and promote hair increase.

Significant results were observed in undergoing this form of hair loss treatment. Including a 30% improvement in recovery and hair thickness.

before  after hair lost treatment result one more volume of hair in the root.

before after hair lost treatment result two male baldness improvedImage: Clinical photos of clients after receiving Papilla Haircare’s Lux LLLT Scalp Treatment (source).

Cell Nutrition Therapy (Cell therapy)

The administration of the hair treatment through tiny electric currents, the scalp is stimulated through iontophoresis technology.

Proven to be more effective than through hypodermic methods, it is also a safe and effective method of delivery for customers who have a fear of needles. It gets to the site of action effortlessly, delivers the active ingredients needed to boost hair regrowth, and activates the hair papilla through low-pulse currents.

before after hair lost treatment result threeImage: Clinical photos of clients after receiving Papilla Haircare’s Cell Nutrition Therapy (source).

About Papilla Haircare’s Effective But Non-Invasive S.E.P. Activator For Female Hair Loss

Papilla Haircare offers specialised female and male hair loss treatments for early to advanced stages, such as our signature S.E.P. Activator for Hair Loss.

Approved by the FDA as a true needle-free alternative to injections, potent ingredients are delivered into the scalp through the patented Italian technology Scalpelectroporation®.

This absorption of serums is magnified 17 times than using traditional transdermal delivery methods, and it is both effective and safe for all scalp types.

Hear from our clients!

“I’ve tried many treatments, but Papilla Haircare is the only place where I’ve seen REAL results. I believe in their technology and would highly recommend it to anyone experiencing hair loss problems.” – Sharon Tang (Satisfied Client)

“Its efficacy is undeniable. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of cell media, patients see significant improvements in a short time.” – Dr Yung Sun Hye (Dermatologist)

“This is the best place for hair regrowth. It’s no miracle, it’s science.” – Kim Lim (Celebrity & Entrepreneur)

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