2021 Ultimate Guide To Scalp Treatments In Singapore (+ Home Remedies)

02 April, 2020

2020 guide scalp treatments Singapore

Hair loss, no matter how small the amount, can be devastating for any man or woman. Loss of hair, thinning hair or bald spots often can diminish self-confidence, affect relationships, social life and even career development.

Nowadays, nearly anyone can enjoy the myriad of benefits of scalp treatments. Professional scalp treatments often target the root of the problem.

Consultants or trichologists delve deep into your hair follicles in your scalp to determine the cause of hair loss, analyse the skin condition and recommend a treatment that is best suited to nurture your hair once again.

Here’s a guide to help you look for the right scalp treatment in Singapore for your hair loss issues.

Benefits of scalp treatments

Getting good scalp treatment in Singapore can provide long-term benefits for your scalp and hair, especially in our humid weather.

With professionally delivered treatments, consistent follow-ups and monitoring the health of your scalp, nearly anyone can enjoy a healthy head full of hair.

Professional scalp treatments in Singapore will include all, if not some, of the following benefits:

  • Deep follicle cleansing
  • Rejuvenate the scalp
  • Reduced scalp inflammation
  • Enhanced scalp immunity
  • Calm sensitive scalp
  • Regulate excessive sebum production
  • Remove dead skin cells

What types of scalp treatments are there?

Different root problems call for different treatments, ranging from invasive surgical procedures to minor, painless home-made remedies. If you want to explore your options in treating your scalp problems, read on.

It is also best to seek professional advice before trying any of the following remedies on your own.

Invasive treatments i.e. surgery

Only meant to treat extreme cases of hair loss and scalp problems, scalp reduction surgery involves shifting the skin of the scalp. This is so that more parts of the head are covered with hair.

Although this seems to be a quick and fuss-free solution to hair loss, cosmetic surgeries like this are not recommended for all. In most cases, clients will be put on a hair growth regime with stimulants that improve hair regrowth. It is only when the regimes prove ineffective that a scalp reduction surgery would be the final resort.

Minimally invasive treatments

The effectiveness of the micro-needling treatment for hair loss is through the transdermal delivery of potent ingredients directly into the skin, hence stimulating growth factors in hair follicles. With a slight prick of the needle, it also encourages angiogenesis, which is the formation of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones.

Micro-needling has also been proven effective in boosting the production of collagen and new tissue in the skin.

Non-invasive treatments

Probably the most popular solution among all other hair loss and scalp treatments, non-invasive treatments have been the preferred choice for its quick results, effectiveness and having no downtime. An example of this treatment includes needle-free procedures, which does not involve the use of needles for transdermal delivery into the scalp.

The Scalpelectroporation® (S.E.P.) technology from Italy is the latest FDA-approved alternative to injections that promotes better substance permeability for hair regrowth. It is also a form of effective needle-free scalp treatment that delivers active serum into the scalp to stimulate hair follicles and strengthen them

How much do scalp treatments cost?

The cost range of scalp treatments vary, from a couple of dollars for the hair oils or masks, to pricier hair loss treatments such as cosmetic surgeries. Depending on the cause of your hair loss problem, it is always best to seek professional advice from a doctor before investing in any hair loss treatment.

For reference, the cost range of various scalp treatments in Singapore are as follows:

Type of treatment Cost per session
Scalp Reduction Surgery S$4,000 – $20,000
S.E.P. Technology S$450
Micro-needling S$200 – S$700
Hair loss vitamins or supplements S$15 – S$20
TCM Herbal formula (ingredients) S$10


How often should one go for scalp treatments?

It varies according to the treatments taken. For some, it may require up to 3 sessions for the results to be long-lasting. Other forms of treatment may only require just 1 session. It is also good to go for subsequent sessions just to follow up on the condition of your scalp and monitor its progress.

Fortunately, savvier and effective methods to combat hair loss and achieve a healthier scalp is beyond possible with professional hair treatment salons in Singapore. With Papilla Haircare, you will be provided 100% medically backed solutions to your hair loss and scalp problems.

Papilla Haircare offers specialised female and male hair loss treatments for early and advanced stages of various hair loss patterns. With Papilla’s technology and expert experience in the field, individuals can expect remarkable results.

The specialists will look at their range of services and select the most suitable for individuals according to their desired needs.

papilla hair loss treatments delivery modes table

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