Wavy or Curly Hair with Itchy Scalp: How Do I Treat It?

12 April, 2021

Having to deal with an itchy scalp because of having wavy or curly hair can be inconvenient. Dandruff, flaky skin, and painful scabbing of the scalp are all common consequences of persistent scratching, which can also inflict damage to the hair follicles. Many people need to know how to treat an itchy scalp, but how do some of these methods work?

dandruff dry skin itchy scalp

Most online search results will either include off-the-shelf shampoos or homemade treatments. While these can be effective in some cases, often the effects are either temporary or insignificant.

What do you do when shampoos or homemade scalp remedies stop working? Here are some tips to take care of your curly or wavy tresses for healthy-looking hair.

What causes an itchy scalp?

The itchiness of the scalp can be the result of a multitude of factors. From natural causes to bad lifestyle habits, all of these can accumulate and lead to itching. We must point out that having wavy or curly hair can automatically make you more vulnerable to such discomforts, due to the structural differences compared to straight hair.different types of hair structure-straight wavy curly kinky

The follicles of wavy or curly hair follow an “S” or coil-like shape, as the disulfide bridges are formed less evenly. Having curly or wavy hair is attractive and unique, with the vulnerability towards scalp itching being its drawback.

Putting this aside, most cases of scalp itching are caused by external factors, generally found in the individual’s lifestyle habits.

Excessive hair washing

The frequency of hair washing is one of the most critical factors when talking about destructive habits.

Your hair produces natural oils, most notably sebum. These oils are of quintessential importance, as they form a moisturizing and protective barrier for your scalp and hair.

Shampoo acts as an emulsifier, capturing the oil (and dirt), which then gets rinsed out through washing. While there is no solid answer to how often you should be washing your hair, most experts advise their clients to go as long as they can without washing. 

frequent hair washing dry itchy scalp

Excessive shampooing can eliminate the protective layer, drying out your hair and exposing it to more breakage. As this happens, the moisturizing layer formed on the surface of your scalp also gets eliminated. For anyone unfamiliar with the idea behind moisturizing, dry skin is more prone to irritation and itching, with your scalp being no exception.

Incompatible hair care products

The other great external factor when it comes to the itching of the scalp is in the products themselves. Not all shampoos were created equal, with some individuals experiencing allergic reactions to certain brands or compounds.

Ultimately, hair care products are mostly made from chemicals. Our bodies may or may not accept these substances, depending on the person. It is generally easy to tell of you are having an allergic reaction to a certain shampoo or styling product, as the most common symptom you might experience is a rash. If this happens, you can be almost certain that your body rejects some of the compounding elements of that specific product. 

shampoo products that cause itchy scalp

It is worth nothing that the negative effects of hair care products are not limited to allergies. Styling pieces, such as wax, powder or spray-on fixatives stiffen up the hair to give it the desired form. This does not only reduce its flexibility, making it more prone to breaking, but residual matter from these products will be deposited onto the scalp, causing itching and degradation of the natural protective layer.

Scalp pruritus is a condition caused by psychogenic problems such as anxiety and depression. It is basically the clinical equivalent of the common scalp itching, with more severe symptoms including scabbing or flaking skin. If you happen to suffer from any of these psychogenic conditions, do consider this as a possible cause for your itching scalp.

How to treat itchy scalp with wavy or curly hair

The best remedy for such discomforts is to treat the root of the problem, not its symptoms. For starters, practice good hair care habits. This includes staying away from styling products such as the one listed above for a while.

By doing so, your hair can fully benefit from its natural flexibility and your scalp will remain clean of the residual matter of those products, allowing it to regenerate. 

choosing the right shampoo for curly hair

This method also implies that you use the right type of shampoo and conditioner, less frequently. Washing your hair only when necessary due to the accumulating oil and dirt will prevent you from rinsing out all the moisturizing and protective oils of your scalp.

By combining these practices, you are not only preventing your scalp from going dry, but you are also keeping it clean of the potentially harmful chemicals found in styling products. This will gradually reduce itchiness, as your scalp rejuvenates over time.

Other ways to maintain healthy wavy or curly hair

To maximize your results, try seeking a special scalp care treatment. These will not only boost the rejuvenation process, but also to improve hair growth.mesotherapy before after results

Mesotherapy is a new and medically proven treatment which delivers potent nutrients to the hair follicles, promoting the rejuvenation of the scalp while also fighting hair loss. This scientifically effective method also provided significant results much faster than other traditional practices and is one of the best-acclaimed scalp care programs in use today.

When looking for a treatment for your itchy scalp in Singapore, be sure to choose a reputable hair and scalp care center for a peace of mind and assurance of satisfactory results.

Our specialists will provide you with the best treatment depending on your scalp’s specific needs, in a prestigious, professional environment.

Get rid of the itching and painful scabs by scheduling a consultation with our trichologists to determine the best scalp treatment for a healthier, itch-free scalp today.