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How to Reduce Hair Loss with Dry Weather

Like our skin, our hair is also vulnerable to external triggers that may damage it. Factors such as nutritional deficiencies, poor hair care routines, harsh hairstyling regimes, weather – too much of any can result in listless, lifeless hair. If your hair is the victim of harsh, dry weather, learn how to identify the symptoms of hair loss and the treatment and prevention tips that you can adopt to restore the health of your crown.

What exactly does dry weather do to your hair?

Dry weather can suck the moisture from the scalp and hair, making them brittle, weak and susceptible to fall. The lack of moisture takes away the sheen from the lustrous hair locks, imparting a dull, lifeless look.

The first symptom you may come to notice is usually frizziness, followed by a dry or itchy scalp and fragile, brittle hair culminating into the dreaded hair loss.

Frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is a result of a loss of moisture, with dry weather as a major precipitant for rough, damaged and straw-like flyaways.

damaged dry hair vs healthy hair

This happens as exposure to external dryness dehydrates the hair cuticle (the outer scaly layer of hair meant for protection), making it weak and easy to break, even with a slightest friction between hair strands. Multiple scales of each cuticle open up, releasing the trapped moisture and make themselves stand apart and break the alignment to form a frizz.

However, not every stray hair is a frizz, and those that aren’t will always settle over the course of the day. It helps to know that sometimes new hair might hang around and become misaligned, or due to static current and thus, mimics frizziness.

How to tame frizzy hair?

When it comes to taming frizzy hair, it is best to tackle and prevent dryness. Make simple changes to your day-to-day hair care routine, such as the frequency of hair-washing and using specially-formulated shampoos or conditioners for your hair type.

Dry Scalp

Dry weather does not only affect our hair cuticles, but also dries out our scalp, which can make it difficult to see new hair growth. When this happens, the layer of skin cells on our scalp becomes dry and sheds easily in the form of small, white flakes.

dry scalp dandruff

Dry scalp and dandruff

The first part of treatment involves distinguishing dry scalp from a very similar condition, called dandruff. Although both conditions present with dry, itchy skin with flakes in dry weather, they are not the same and hence, require different interventions.

Dry scalps are a result of excessive dryness that leads to skin cell shedding, whereas for dandruff, excess oil on the scalp promotes rapid skin cell turnover. This builds up and later sheds off as flakes. To identify either condition, apply a light scalp moisturizer overnight. Scalp flakes from dry scalps disappear the next day.

Solutions for dry scalp

According to scalp and hair experts, opting for a dry scalp-friendly lifestyle can do the needful for dry scalps. Similar lifestyle changes for frizzy hair can be adopted here, such as reducing the frequency of hair-washing, avoiding strong cleansing agents or even hot water that can strip off the natural oils on the scalp.

Hair prone to breakage

The strength of our hair is often compromised by dry weather. The humidity or dry air exposes the internal hair, leading to dryness and makes our hair prone to breakage.

brittle hair breakage

The damage is further intensified by the use of trending hair styling tools such as blow drying, flat irons, or curlers. The higher temperatures used here add to the dryness and brittleness of the weakened shafts. Salon-based chemical treatments that serve to keep our hair looking neat and manageable may also be contributing to hair dryness and eventual hair loss or thinning.

How to prevent further breakage?

Reduce the impact of your day-to-day hair styling on your hair and reduce hair loss by taking precautions to protect your hair cuticles and scalp from further damage, such as using a protectant before using heat-styling tools.

Hair loss treatments that promote a healthier scalp

healthy hair loss treatments

When natural remedies for hair loss do not seem to be repairing dry scalp issues or reducing hair loss due to harsh weather conditions, enters the medically-backed scalp treatments to strengthen your scalp’s health and boost your hair growth.

Great hair is a result of healthy scalp and strong internal hair health combined together, and scalp treatments can address scalp and hair issues simultaneously. Hair loss treatments typically focus on stimulating hair growth by supplying nutrition and increasing blood circulation, strengthening weak hair follicles, and restricting hair fall by removing the underlying causes.

healthy scalp treatments

Scalp treatments on the other hand target scalp issues like:

  • excessively dry scalp,
  • aging,
  • nutritional deficiency,
  • sensitive scalp,
  • inflamed scalp,
  • conditions like psoriasis, ringworm, folliculitis, dandruff, etc.

At Papilla, we believe that a healthy scalp can produce and nurture healthy hair. Scalp treatment basically involves diagnosing your scalp condition, such as hair loss stages, and a series of treatments using state-of-the-art technology and scientifically-proven ingredients to restore your crown.

PRP – the latest revolution for hair restoration

Papilla_PRP_injection 2

Working closely with the formidable team of aesthetic doctors at Illumia Medical, we at Papilla Haircare formulated a treatment plan to safely and effectively restore hair growth for most hair loss stages using the FDA-approved technology in our DNA Activator.

  • Minimally-invasive and non-surgical
  • Suitable for mild to severe hair loss, including Androgenic Alopecia, female pattern hair loss, Involutional Alopecia
  • Japan PMPD and U.S. FDA-approved technology
  • Dermatologist tested, scientifically formulated, lab certified, based on clinical trial data

DNA Activator for Hair Thinning

DNA Activator-anchor

Featuring FDA-approved and advanced mode of transdermal needleless technology, active ingredients like Salmon PDRN is delivered directly to the scalp using low electric current pulses in our DNA Activator.

  • Suitable for all scalp types (sensitive, oily, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis)
  • Effective for Hair Loss grades 1 to 4
  • Dermatologist tested, scientifically formulated, lab certified, based on clinical trial data
  • Controlled, precise, homogenous drug delivery with apt pH balancing
  • Safe for breastfeeding moms

S.E.P. Activator for Hair Loss


The ScalpElectroporation™ (S.E.P.) technology is featured yet again in Papilla’s signature and award-winning scalp treatment, the S.E.P. Activator, specially formulated to address moderate to severe bouts of hair loss and thinning.

  • Noticeably less hair fall after just one treatment
  • 38% more hair cell growth in 28 days*
  • Achieves complete cell restoration
  • 600% improvement in hair thickness
  • Manage severe grades of hair fall (Grade 1 to 6)

It is advisable that you seek professional help from scalp experts once you start noticing concerns to better manage hair loss and boost hair growth. Consult our scalp experts to help you determine the right scalp treatment to achieve your hair goals.

*Individual results may vary.

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