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Postpartum Hair Loss? Here’s What You Can Do

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If you’re about three to four months postpartum and notice a lot more hair in your drain, on your pillowcase and in your brush, do not panic. It’s completely normal. While your hair grew thick and lustrous thanks to changing hormones during pregnancy, it’s normal to notice excessive hair loss after giving birth due to the drop in estrogen hormone.

Eating a healthy diet rich in iron and protein, can help with postpartum hair loss to a certain extent. Reducing heat and chemical damage while keeping your scalp healthy with the right hair care products will also help manage hair loss. But if you find that the excessive hair loss postpartum doesn’t stop after a few months, in-clinic hair loss treatments could be the solution. At Papilla Haircare we have a variety of treatments that help with postpartum hair loss, here are a few to consider.

S.E.P Activator for Hair Loss Treatment

When it comes to hair loss treatments, not all topically applied substances are well absorbed by the scalp. This is why the S.E.P Activator Treatment uses a technology called scalp electroporation to aid better absorption of scalp-nourishing substances like vitamins, amino acids, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid as well as salmon PDRN, Allosterys PETM, growth factors and SOD Antioxidant Complex™ among others.

In order to do this, the needle-free technology emits low electrical pulses to temorarily disrupt the cell membrane. This allows for better penetration of scalp nourishing ingredients into the deeper layers of the scalp, making the treatment 17 times more effective than topical applications. This kind of efficacy immensely helps to improve the scalp condition and reduce hair loss.

The S.E.P Activator Treatment is suitable for all scalp types and conditions, including Alopecia Type 1 and 2 and Hamilton classifications 3 to 5. It also promises controlled, precise and homogeneous delivery of nutritious substances. Plus, it doesn’t include electrodes, meaning there is zero damage on the tissue and cells. This treatment is completely safe, hence ideal for women with postpartum hair loss issues.

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Scalp RF RegenULTRA with Salmon PDRN

You may be familiar with radio frequency (RF) treatments for the face, but this is the first instance in which RF has been effectively adapted as a hair loss treatment. The treatment works on the premise that controlled damage to the scalp will help stimulate fibroblasts, induce healing and scalp rejuvenation, which in turn prolongs the growth cycle of hair. It also helps repair the hair follicle, boost cell growth and tissue regeneration thanks to the Salmon PDRN delivered into the scalp using RF.

During the treatment, tiny pins are pressed into the scalp and the handset delivers Nano Fractional RF energy of up to 700 pulses at once. Each tiny pin has a miniscule footprint of precisely 150 x 20 microns, which means the surrounding tissue remains unharmed. Plus, the tips are sterile and single-use for maximal client hygiene.

Radio Frequency energy increases circulation and improves oxygenation to stimulate follicles, while enhancing melanin and collagen production. Simultaneously, the micro-injury caused by the same energy allows for nutrients from proprietary EV ™ cell formulation and Salmon PDRN to be absorbed right into the hair papilla. These help to reverse DNA damage and improve scalp condition for better anchorage of follicles thus helping reduce hair loss.

The treatment requires no down time. However, it’s normal to feel a mild prickly sensation as the hand piece makes contact with the scalp and for the area to feel slightly warm and look a bit red. This should subside quickly and you can carry on with your usual activities.

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Micro-Pulse Hybrid Scalp Treatment

Electroporation meets needleless derma stamping in this non-invasive treatment that improves absorption of scalp nourishing nutrients into the deeper layers of the scalp minus the pain usually associated with mesotherapy treatments.

During the hour-long session, the area is “stamped” with a meso-nanochip filled with multiple microcrystals. Each microcrystal is ultra-fine ranging from 0.3mm to 0.8mm in depth and is shaped like an “inverted volcano” to create micro aqua channels in the scalp that help deliver nourishing ingredients deep into the scalp without any pain or need for downtime. Simultaneously, electroporation creates lipid bilayer aqueous channels using low electrical pulses to also deliver nutrients deep into the scalp. This duo delivery system helps with hair growth, improves scalp health and scalp conditions to reduce hair loss.

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