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Here’s How To Keep Your Hair And Scalp Healthy Through The Festive Season

Hair and Scalp Healthy Through the Festive Season


As the festive season draws closer, you’re probably making appointments for cut, colour and hair styling sessions with your favourite salon and we have no doubt your hair will look amazing. However, all the chemical and heat styling can take its toll on your hair leaving it looking dull and lacklustre, and the styling products could clog hair follicles further slowing hair growth. At Papilla Haircare we believe your hair should look fantastic without you having to compromise on scalp or hair health. Our comprehensive range of treatments and products can help you improve and maintain the condition of your hair while strengthening the scalp during the festive season so your hair can look great minus the damage.

T-6 weeks
It’s best to start a scalp clarifying and strengthening treatment like the S.E.P Activator For Hair Loss Treatment at least once a week in the days leading up to your festive events. This way your scalp will be healthy and able to withstand any external stress from all the styling. The S.E.P Activator For Hair Loss Treatment uses electroporation technology that targets the skin’s water-based channels with low electrical pulses to improve permeability and ensure that the hair growth solution reaches the deepest layer of the scalp for best results. This makes it 17 times more effective than other topical applications and can be used to tackle hair loss as well as a variety of scalp conditions.

Using a Hair Rewind shampoo and conditioner mask that’s right for your hair and scalp concerns regularly will help prolong the benefits of this treatment. You can choose from Anti-Greying, Anti-Hair Loss and Colour Protect Shampoos and Anti-Greying and Colour Protect Conditioner Masks that will do as they say on the label, but also help soothe, hydrate, fight free radical damage and improve hair growth. Adding the Hair Regeneration Tonic with PhytoKines (Hair Loss 1 to 3) which is packed with Allosterys PE™ and botanical stem cells extracts to your routine will also help promote a healthy hair cycle, boost hair growth and density and calm any inflammation keeping your hair and scalp strong and healthy for the upcoming season.

T-2 weeks
It’s time to up the ante and give your scalp a boost with the 3-Step Signature Treatment. Alternate this treatment with the S.E.P Activator Treatment and your scalp and hair will thank you for it. During the treatment dead skin and product build up are thoroughly removed with the Detox Hair Mask. This is coupled with the DNA Activator for Hair Growth treatment that uses mild electrical currents or iontophoresis, along with ionization to thoroughly cleanse the scalp while increasing microcirculation. Next, Scalp RF RegenULTRA uses tiny ultrasound pulses to create “controlled damage” that induces skin healing to help rejuvenate the scalp as well as stimulate fibroblasts for improved scalp health.
The S.E.P Activator treatment comes next, so you’re not actually missing your weekly session. During this part of the treatment, Papilla Haircare’s exclusive hair growth solution is delivered into the deepest layers of the scalp to promote hair growth. The session ends with Lux LLLT treatment that uses LED energy therapy to further boost overall scalp health and seal in the goodness of all the other treatments.

The Day Of
Thoroughly cleanse the scalp, boost microcirculation, hair cell regeneration and regrowth with the DNA Activator for Hair Growth treatment. This can be followed by the Customised Jet Infusion Scalp Treatment, which uses a medical grade jet device to infuse the scalp with a customised serum. Since the serum is customised to your needs and concerns, it can be used to treat a variety of scalp concerns and conditions. Once your treatment is done, our scalp specialist can blow out your hair and you’re ready to party!

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