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Here’s Exactly What Makes The Hair Rewind Range So Special

Hair Rewind Anti-Greying & Conditionar Masks


Scalp care is the new skincare and what you put on your scalp is as important as what you put on your face or body. At Papilla Haircare we are committed to scalp and hair health and our new and improved Hair Rewind Shampoos and Conditioner Masks are filled with trichologist-lead formulations that are a blend of clinical grade skincare ingredients and cutting edge technology. Here’s exactly what goes into the shampoos and conditioner masks and how it helps maintain scalp health and integrity of the hair lengths.

Phyto-Revive Complex: This complex is found in all the Hair Rewind products and mainly helps to prolong the growth cycle of hair. It is a proprietary blend of Pagoda tree, Tuber fleeceflower and Korean pasque flower extracts that each plays a role in hair and scalp health. Pagoda tree extract inhibits the androgen hormone that causes hair loss, prolongs the growth phase of the hair and promotes growth of hair follicles. Tuber fleeceflower on the other hand increases the number and size of hair follicles and stimulates melanin production, while Korean pasque flower increases hair follicle cell activity and reactivates the growth phase to reduce hair fall and increase hair density.

Calming Complex: A combination of ginger extract and Bisabolol, it helps to soothe inflammation, relieve itching and calm irritated scalps to help reduce hair fall and boost hair growth.

Barrier Boosting Complex: Featuring ceramides, lipids and phytosphingosine, a naturally occurring lipid, it strengthens the scalp’s natural defences by strengthening the skin barrier. It also restores moisture to optimal levels to keep the scalp hydrated and healthy.

SOD Antioxidant Complex: A cocktail of powerful antioxidants glutathione, Co-enzyme 10, Ascorbic acid, it helps to preserve vibrant hair colour by fighting oxidative stress and free radical damage at the scalp.

Multi-peptide Complex: This promotes hair growth by activating the hair follicle stem cells thanks to biomimetic peptides and growth factors.

Pre-M: Rich in plant pigments thanks to Candlenut and Broom plant extracts, this ingredient fosters gradual delivery of natural dark plant pigments that protect and preserve natural hair colour while making hair lustrous.

M-Lock: Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed extracts, this helps to boost tyrosinase activity. It helps to create and conserve melanin in the hair follicles thus helping to maintain your natural hair colour for longer.

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