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Best hair regrowth treatments in Singapore to fight hair loss

Hair loss treatments in Singapore are effective in inhibiting hair loss and hair fall, and prevent thinning of the hair on the scalp. But if you’re looking to restore hair growth, there are treatments that offer this benefit as well.

This article will help to explain some effective hair regrowth treatments for hair loss.

Hair Regrowth Facts

To understand how hair regrowth treatments work, you need to know how your hair is formed. Made up of keratin, a type of protein, the hair shaft is anchored to the patch of skin on your scalp by the base called the hair follicle. The base itself, called the hair papilla, is essentially the hair-cell factory.

Some people experience different types of hair loss, depending on a number of factors such as genetics, medical issues, age, and lifestyle habits. Some causes of hair loss might be due to physical damage to the hair shaft, which weakens it and leads to hair fall. Another cause of hair loss is poor nutrition, where your hair cells are unable to obtain necessary nutrients to grow and develop.

The good news is, it is indeed possible to regrow your hair through natural or traditional methods, such as using natural ingredients or home-made remedies. However, if you have already tried this and they do not work for you, hair regrowth treatments can be an effective solution to your hair loss problem.

Hair Regrowth Treatments Available

The results of hair regrowth treatments vary from person to person, and this all depends on the root cause of your hair loss problem.

For hair loss problems stemming from scalp or medical issues like bleeding on the scalp (psoriasis) or a side effect of a drug, hair growth treatments may not be the answer. Consult your doctor about taking a break from the medication or change the treatment course to a drug without the side effects of hair loss.

Drastic cases of hair loss or even balding may require extensive surgery, like scalp reduction surgery. The downside is that this procedure is quite invasive, involving shifting the skin on your head to cover the bald areas.

Milder cases of hair loss like male pattern baldness can be treated with hair regrowth treatments. People with male pattern baldness experience hair loss because of a genetic activity that causes their immune system to target the hair follicles on their scalp, triggering hair fall. This condition is called Alopecia Areata, and is one of the most common hair problems.

If you have hair loss problems like Involutional Alopecia, Androgenic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, Telogen Effluvium or Scarring Alopecia, these can be treated with the following hair regrowth treatments.

  • Micro-needling

Known for stimulating blood circulation and encouraging collagen development and tissue growth, micro-needling the scalp allows for a direct stimulation of the hair follicles. This supports the production of growth factors in hair cells, or “keratinocytes”, strengthening the hair follicles and thus leading to hair growth.

It is also known as mesotherapy, and it has also been an effective method of administering hair serum containing active ingredients to further promote hair regrowth in your skin. It is suitable for early to advanced stages of hair loss, and if you’re looking to restore your hair with minimal downtime and maximum effectiveness, you can try this treatment.

  • ScalpElectroporation® (S.E.P.) technology

Modern technology like ScalpElectroporation® (S.E.P.) has made it possible to treat early to advanced stages of hair loss without the use of needles. Approved by the Federal Drug Authority (FDA), this method is considered a true alternative to injections, as it administers drug solutions directly to the hair follicles (similar to micro-needling) – and causes no damage to the surrounding tissue or cells.

This treatment is also suitable for those of us who have undergone hair transplant surgeries before. It is highly effective, increasing serum absorption by 17 times as compared to traditional needle-delivery systems, and it is completely safe.

How Papilla Haircare’s Hair Regrowth Treatments Works

Papilla Haircare is a hair loss treatment centre in Singapore that offers specialized hair loss, hair growth and scalp treatments for both males and females. Teamed up with a department of scientists and doctors, they offer 100% medically-backed solutions that are unique and effective for all stages of hair loss.

A popular treatment, the S.E.P. Activator is an advanced Italian technology that delivers potent ingredients to combat hair loss and promote hair regrowth. Papilla Haircare adopts highly-effective solutions like these using modern science to help clients achieve their desired results.

Their team of scalp experts also ensures that you understand the treatment course for your hair loss problem and provide appropriate solutions according to your needs, unlike regular hair salons.

With a 99% success rate, Papilla’s clients can enjoy the effectiveness of their hair regrowth treatments with minimal pain, effort and downtime. See below for client testimonials and their results in before and after photos.

S.E.P. Activator for Hair Loss: S$450.00* (60mins)

The only FDA-approved technology for needle-free drug delivery.

Award-winning stem cell technology combined with Salmon DNA PDRN.

Pain Level: 1

Depth Level: Epidermis To Subcutaneous (Deepest)

Meso Hair Micro-Needling: S$380.00* (75mins)

Minimally invasive meso-technology proven for follicle stimulation.

Award-winning STEMCELL technology combined with Salmon DNA PDRN

Pain Level: 3

Depth Level: Epidermis to Dermis (medium)


“I’ve tried many treatments, but Papilla Haircare is the only place where I’ve seen REAL results. I believe in their technology and would highly recommend it to anyone experiencing hair loss problems.”

– Sharon Tang (Satisfied Client)

“Its efficacy is undeniable. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of cell media, patients see significant improvements in a short time.” 

– Dr Yung Sun Hye (Dermatologist)

“This is the best place for hair regrowth. It’s no miracle, it’s science.”

– Kim Lim (Celebrity & Entrepreneur)

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