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Affecting 4 out of every 5 men, hair loss is a major issue for anyone who appreciates their crown of glory. Losing hair or experiencing thinning areas on your scalp can have a significant impact on your professional and social life.

If you’re looking to stimulate the growth of your hair and restore its health, try one of the following hair regrowth treatments offered in Singapore.

Hair Growth Facts

The reason for hair loss among many people, especially men, is mostly genetic. An example of this is Alopecia Areata, or “male pattern baldness”. It is caused by the genes that make only certain hair follicles susceptible to a change in genetic activity which loosens the hair shaft. This then leads to hair loss and eventually, balding. 

Other causes can include physically damaging the hair, like wearing a ponytail too tight (for females), stress-induced hair loss, or medical issues like side effects of a drug or an intensive treatment for an illness.

The hairs on your head are made of a tough protein, called keratin. Keeping the strands of hair in the skin is the hair follicle, where hair cells are produced in the base or “hair papilla”, and grow to become hair shafts. To stimulate hair growth, most treatments target the root – which is in your scalp.

For hair loss brought about by stress or an infection such as ringworm, the amount of hair loss in these cases are usually temporary and have a higher chance of hair growing back on its own. There are products that you can use to boost this growth and complement it, such as using essential oils that promote hair growth. 

If you’re facing a more serious type of hair loss, like Alopecia, Androgenic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, Telogen Effluvium or Scarring Alopecia, hair growth treatments can be effective in helping you achieve fuller, thicker hair.

Best Hair Regrowth Treatments Available

  • Essential oils

Certain oils contain fatty acids that aid in hair restoration and regrowth. Oils like coconut oil, rosemary oil or geranium oil can be found in your nearest pharmacy or drugstore, and they are easy to apply to your scalp. Take a few drops and massage it into your scalp. The massaging action can also help in accelerating the process, encouraging hair to grow. 

For milder cases of hair loss, try some of these natural remedies.

  • Hair loss shampoos

Hair loss shampoos may claim to help with hair loss, but experts have said that while these claims are bold, the ingredients that they contain could help with preventing further loss of hair. Ingredients like anti-inflammatories and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) blockers help with improving the blood flow, thus encouraging the hair cells to grow.

It is because these ingredients are in diluted solutions that make most people wary of their effectiveness. Talk to a hair care expert about this if you would like to give this a try.

  • Hair growth treatments

Haircare experts are medically-equipped to provide you with the appropriate hair regrowth treatment that is suitable for your scalp. Depending on the cause of your hair loss, you can discuss the best minimally- or non-invasive treatment method that will help you achieve your desired hair growth results.

Suitable for early to advanced stages of hair loss, advanced technology like low-level light therapy emits light diodes to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth without the use of harmful chemicals. It is also a needle-free procedure, which serves as an added advantage for people with a fear of needles or invasive surgeries.

If you’re looking for a minimally invasive procedure to promote hair regrowth in Singapore, treatments like the S.E.P. Activator (or Scalpelectroporation® technology) is a good bet. Also needle-free, it enables potent ingredients in hair serum to be delivered directly under your scalp and into your hair papilla where your hair cells are produced, granting desired hair results within a matter of time.

Papilla Haircare, a hair loss treatment centre in Singapore, specializes in male and female hair loss and scalp problems, and they offer both hair growth treatments mentioned above and more.

How Papilla Haircare’s Hair Growth Treatments Work

Papilla Haircare is guided by a team of doctors and scientists who developed a medical philosophy surrounding current and up-to-date technology to promote hair growth for all hair loss and scalp problems.

They base their treatments on proven scientific principles as compared to traditional oils or shampoos, and they use 100% medically-backed solutions to help men and women achieve their desired look. 

With a 99% success rate, Papilla’s clients can enjoy effectiveness of their treatments, including the S.E.P. Activator and Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT), in stunning before and after photos and testimonials below.

S.E.P. Activator for Hair Loss: S$450.00 (60mins)

The only FDA approved technology for needle-free drug delivery.

Award-winning STEMCELL technology combined with Salmon DNA PDRN.

Pain Level: 1

Depth Level: Epidermis To Subcutaneous (Deepest)

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“I’ve tried many treatments, but Papilla Haircare is the only place where I’ve seen REAL results. I believe in their technology and would highly recommend it to anyone experiencing hair loss problems.”

– Sharon Tang (Satisfied Client)

“Its efficacy is undeniable. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of cell media, patients see significant improvements in a short time.” 

– Dr Yung Sun Hye (Dermatologist)

“This is the best place for hair regrowth. It’s no miracle, it’s science.”

Kim Lim (Celebrity & Entrepreneur)

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