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Hair Care Essentials

Getting on a jet plane and going off on a vacation is all fun and games till your scalp starts feeling sensitised and your hair looks dull and brittle. Just as travelling can wreak havoc on your skin (dry, peeling or sunburned skin, chapped lips and breakouts, anyone?), it can also take its toll on your scalp and hair.


The change in weather—too hot or too cold, as well as change in humidity—can leave your scalp feeling unbalanced and long hours outdoors in the sun can cause it to become sensitised. If you’re on a beach get away, the salt or chlorinated water can leave your lengths brittle or hard quality water at your destination can dry out your hair. Add to that the fact that you only packed your skincare and are using some generic shampoo and conditioner provided by the hotel is why you’re looking at dull damaged hair by the time you get back home.


To prevent this from happening next time, we’ve compiled a list of hair travel essentials to take on your next trip so your hair looks healthy and glossy no matter where you go.


A do-it-all shampoo

When you’re on vacation, you want a shampoo like the Hair Rewind Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo that will work hard while you have all the fun. This shampoo is packed with calming and soothing ingredients that will combat any irritation and inflammation you may have from a sensitised scalp. It also has ceramides, lipids and phytosphingosine to strengthen your scalp’s natural defences and a Multi-Peptide Complex that boosts hair growth while repairing and strengthening dry, brittle hair. Plus, it does a great job of cleansing your scalp.


A conditioner that doubles up as a mask

Whether you’re out at the beach, by the pool, skiing in the mountains or darting in and out of shops in Europe, your lengths are going to need some extra TLC. Save space in your luggage, as well as weight, by packing our Hair Rewind Anti-Greying Conditioner Mask. It’s got encapsulated marine algae that helps repair lengths while forming a lightweight protective coat around each strand to seal in moisture and the time-release nano-delivery system deposits it deep within the hair shaft to minimise frizz and strengthen hair from within. Hydrolysed keratin and hydrolysed silk work to further repair and strengthen strands to reduce breakage and multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid and panthenol replenish water loss and maintain optimal hydration at the scalp. This conditioner mask is safe to use on the scalp as it is formulated without any sulfates.


A micro fibre towel

Your hair is most delicate when it’s wet, and drying your hair with a hotel bath towel can leave your hair frizzy and damaged. These towels cause a lot of friction while drying hair, which lifts the hair cuticles. They also weaken the hair strands making them prone to breakage. Packing a small microfiber towel won’t take too much space in your bag and will help keep your hair smooth and strong through your trip.


A hair supplement

Another way to ensure your hair stays healthy and strong while you’re enjoying some much needed time off is to pack our upcoming Hair Boost Daily Supplement. This product comes in the form of pills and powder sachet (so it’s very much your personal preference), and they are a cocktail of potent ingredients like Dried Brewer’s Yeast, Dried Yeast (Glutathione), Biotin, Black Beans Powder, Horsetail Extract Powder that together offer antioxidant benefits, improve blood circulation, stimulate hair growth, strengthen hair follicles, prolong the anagen phase of hair growth, increase tensile strength and add shine to lengths.