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6 Foods That Can Prevent Hair Loss

stress and poor diet causing hair loss

More often than not, our everyday routine may be causing stress on our hair and scalp, and this can include our diets. Studies have proven that nutritional factors contribute to hair loss and hair growth, and by including the type of foods for hair loss in your diet, it can restore your crown of glory again.

A better diet, better hair growth

All of us have experienced hair fall to a certain degree. Regardless of age, hair loss is a common occurrence, and sometimes we can make our peace with it. It only becomes distressing when you notice more hair fall than usual, and if this happens out of the blue.

When this happens, it may be time to reevaluate your nutrient intake.

hair keratin close up

The hair structure consists largely of a protein called keratin. As this contributes to the hair’s proper functioning and growth, it is reasonable and practical to add protein-rich foods to your diet to regenerate new and strong hair cells. Other types of nutrients are scientifically proven to promote a healthy scalp, which leads to healthy hair growth.

On top of that, what we eat does not just affect our hair growth but our hormones, too. Hormonal imbalances can take a toll on the health of our scalp, and good foods can help to strike a balance in our hormone levels and thus help to aid in hair regrowth.

6 foods that can improve hair regrowth

If you are looking for ways to boost your nutrient intake with vitamins and minerals that are vital for hair growth, consider these 6 best foods for hair loss.

1. Carrots

carrots for hair loss

One of the popular foods that is good for your eyes, carrots are also good for our scalp and hair as they are rich in beta-carotene. These turn into Vitamin A in our bodies, and this vitamin encourages sebum regulation in our scalp for good hair and scalp nourishment. The hair needs proper sebum regulation to keep it looking glossy and conditioned, and prevent greasy scalp and hair.

Carrots also help to improve blood circulation in the body, including our scalp, leading to stronger hair follicles and better hair growth.

2. Shrimps

Seafood like shrimps is an excellent source of proteins, vitamins (specifically Vitamin B12), and essential minerals to help our body function at its best. For those who are looking for alternatives to red meat, seafood is a good substitute. Shrimps contain vitamin B12 that helps to keep our body’s blood and nerve cells healthy, and this translates to the hair cells on our scalp as well.

Shrimps are also high in minerals like iron and zinc, and these are important for hair growth as they inhibit hair loss and thinning.

3. Fish

A type of seafood, fish is also high in lean proteins that your hair needs to grow healthily. On top of that, fish contains low amounts of fats, which in turn decreases the testosterone levels.

fish for hair loss

Some types of hair loss such as male pattern baldness are caused by an increase in male hormones like androgens and testosterones, and these can be triggered by diets that are high in fats. By consuming low-fat foods like fish, you can prevent hair loss.

4. Eggs

Fatty acids are one of the essential nutrients that your body needs to promote hair growth. An increase in important fatty acids like omega-6 fatty acids can strengthen your hair follicles, thus improving overall hair growth. Eggs are a natural source of omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin B7, so if you would like to grow healthier hair, include eggs in your diet.

5. Walnuts

If you would like to include nuts in your diet, walnuts are a good choice as they are rich in the hair growth nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals and omega-6 fatty acids. These nutrients are essential for hair loss, and help to facilitate hair growth as well.

As with all good things, walnuts must be had in moderation. Walnuts also contain selenium, a type of mineral that your body needs to function well. But studies have shown a link between the risk of hair loss and people who excessively consume or are deficient in selenium. walnut for hair loss

6. Oats

Another type of foods that are high in essential fatty acids for hair growth, oatmeal is rich in natural fibres that your body needs to promote healthy growth and development. This includes the growth of our hair.

Studies have also included other types of wholemeal foods like oatmeals that contribute to the healthy shine in our hair. Additionally, oats are also rich in zinc and iron that are essential for preventing hair loss.

Adjust your diet to prevent hair loss

Though it is a common factor for hair loss in many people, genetic factors merely suggest a person’s predisposition to the risk of hair loss, such as male or female pattern baldness. A good diet can go a long way to help you prevent or reduce the risk of hair loss, and by watching what you eat, you can make a significant impact on your hair and scalp.

If you are looking for a stronger course of action to promote natural and healthy hair growth, you can speak to our trichologists to get professional and helpful advice on improving the health of your scalp and hair.

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