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Stop Hair Loss With Our Medically-Backed Hair Loss Solutions

Papilla's own cell technology developed by our team of Korean Dermatologists, Hair Transplant Surgeons, and Doctors. Our unique stem cell formulation activates the scalp to boost hair growth with non-invasive methods.


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“It’s the first step for hair loss sufferers to take towards finally recovering their crowning glory.”

Honey Combers

“Non-surgical hair regrowth treatments that are backed by science.”


“Essentially, this means serums can penetrate into the deeper layers of your scalp in a painless & effective way”

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"Papilla Haircare offers innovative solutions using its exclusive hair-loss serums and advanced clinical treatments."

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"Latest hair expert in town, Papilla promises hair-regrowth using innovative scalp technologies"

Why Our 100% Science-Based Signature S.E.P. Technology Has A 99% Success Rate


Non-invasive, needle free and minimal pain


Improves serum absorption by 17x


Dermatologist tested, scientifically formulated


Lab-certified based on clinical data


Helps hair growth using EV-cytokine technology


Scalpelectroporation® (S.E.P.) is a breakthrough FDA-approved technology that is a true alternative to injections. Developed in Italy, this state-of-the-art needle-free procedure allows the transdermal delivery of any substance the doctor or trichologist recommends.

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S.E.P. Activator
Hair Thinning
Hair Loss Stage Early to Advanced
Pain Level (0 to 10) 1
Depth of delivery Epidermis to Subcutaneous(Deepest)
Technology S.E.P.
Type Non-invasive
Clinically Proven
Suitability For Post Hair Transplant Suitable
Kim Lim trying out the S.E.P. Activator!

Evidence of Follicle Activation


more hair growth in 28 days

Evidence of accelerated hair regrowth & repair

Complete recovery in

55 Days

Evidence of increased hair fullness


improvement in the hair thickness

And To Cover The 1%: We Have Our 100% Medically-Backed RF RegenULTRA With Salmon PDRN

Tiny pins are pressed onto the scalp to deliver Nano Fractional RF energy. As the patented tip touches the skin, a boost of energy leaves a miniscule 150x20micron footprint, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.

These tips are sterile and single-use for maximal client hygiene. The benefits here are 2-fold, while the RF energy stimulates follicles, enhances melanin and collagen production, it also creates tiny wounds in the dermis for our EV™ formulation to deliver nutrients straight to the hair papilla.


This remains as one of the most innovative needle-free drug delivery mechanisms to date.

Hair Thinning
Hair Loss Stage Early to Advanced
Pain Level (0 to 10) 3
Depth of delivery Epidermis to Dermis (Medium)
Technology Viva RF
Type Mildly Ablative
Clinically Proven
Suitability For Post Hair Transplant -
World’s 1st Scalp RF using Nano-Fractional Radio Frequency, SmartSCAN technology and MP2 technology.

Here's What Our Satisfied Customers Say About S.E.P. Activator For Hair Loss Treatment

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Your Scalp Rejuvenation Is One-Step Away

Most people lose between 50-100 hairs a day, which is normal. Any more than that and you should find out more from our scalp experts.

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Papilla Haircare Is Trusted By Both
Clients And Doctors

“This is the best place for hair regrowth. It’s no miracle. It’s science.”

Kim Lim
Celebrity & Entrepreneur

“Its efficacy is undeniable. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties, patients see significant improvements in a short time.”

Dr Yung Sun Hye
Medical Doctor


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Papilla Haircare believes that your success is our success. The results of our 4000+ happy customers speak for themselves. Only at Papilla Haircare. 


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FAQs About Papilla's Hair Loss Treatments

Is the treatment suitable for breastfeeding moms?

The SEP Activator and RF RegenULTRA deliver serums to the dermis and not to the bloodstream. Hence, both treatments are safe for breastfeeding moms.

The only product to avoid is Papilla's Daily Scalp Mask which contains acids. Please let our therapists know if you are breastfeeding so that we are aware of what products to avoid.

Is the treatment suitable for pregnant moms?

Although the SEP Activator and RF RegenULTRA are safe devices, both are not recommended for pregnant women.

Is the treatment painful?

S.E.P. Activator - You may experience a tingling sensation as the treatment is performed.

RF RegenULTRA - There is a mild prickly sensation as the handpiece makes contact with the scalp and the treated area may feel slightly warm. This is normal and any redness will go away in a few hours.

Is the treatment invasive?

S.E.P. Activator - The treatment is non-invasive, non-ablative and needle-free.

RF RegenULTRA - The treatment is considered non-invasive but is mildly ablative. That means the RF RegenULTRA gently removes the epidermis (thin outer layer of our skin) and heats the dermis (underlying skin).