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EV™ Phytokines Transforming your body from within

Inside the vial of EV™ Phytokines

Ev Phytokines are important natural biochemicals in the human body and key ingredients in EV™. Papilla Haircare produces them using proprietary methods of laboratory stem cell culture. Because only the botanical plant extracts are used, EV™ contains no cells or cell parts. Papilla Haircare optimizes the mix of phytokines in the laboratory to maximally enhance their ability to regenerate the body from within. Our EV™ Phytokines are a 100% natural product.


We are made of billions of specialized cells that form specific organs like the brain,
skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and bone.

Everyday the older cells die, new cells are born.

When tissues are aged or injured, the healing process are impaired resulting in structures to become weaker, painful and/or less functional.

Why EV™ Phytokines?

Millions of tiny bubbles, released from cells and packaged with molecular mail, are racing through your bloodstream right now.

These cellular couriers called Phytokines, carry proteins and genetic information between both neighboring and distant cells. They modulate the daily process of healing in our body.

But as we age, the population of repair messengers plummets and so does the ability to heal. It’s not that our body doesn’t have the tools to repair itself – they’re just so much fewer in number.

Can we help the body heal by introducing these Phytokines into an injured area?

Yes. Utilising world’s most advanced phytokine protocol EV™, we are able to withdraw Phytokines from plants, culture and concentrate them. We are enhancing the natural repair process of degenerated and injured areas – Turning the tables on the natural breakdown process that occurs on a daily basis from aging, overuse and injury.

EV™ replenishes those exact bio-signals to your body, helping to reduce inflammation and promote more youthful healing.

Therapeutic Effects

  • Anti-inflammation
  • Immunomodulatory Enhances cell to cell signals

How are Phytokines being used in our practice?

Innovative EV™ therapy solutions can enable Phytokines to deliver non-surgical treatment options to individuals suffering from inflammatory diseases. Now degenerative conditions and injuries can be treated with Phytokines as a viable alternative to invasive surgery.
If you are suffering from one of the following conditions, you may be a candidate for treatment with Phytokines.

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome Osteoarthritis/Rheumatic diseases Metabolic syndromes/Diabetes Autoimmune diseases
  • Acute myocardial injuries
  • Brain injuries/Subcortical stroke Acute/chronic kidney diseases Acute lung injuries
  • Acute liver injuries Graft vs Host diseases Erectile dysfunction Wound healing
  • Anti-ageing

What are the results?

Treatment results will vary depending on the many factors of your injury, including its severity, the patient’s overall health, nutritional state and immune function. While no absolute answer can be provided regarding a patient’s response to treatment, every effort is given to appropriately combine research data, clinical experience and patient expectations to ensure the best outcome possible.
Our experience, as well as Papilla Haircare data has shown Phytokines therapy to be safe and effective in improving function for many patients.


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Phytokines EV™

Your Body. Young from Within

What if your body could repair itself with the speed and vitality of your youth? With the powerful Phytokines technology of EV™, younger body is just a vial away.


Inside each bottle of EV™ is powerful science at work. When the body is injured, it signals a specialized population of messengers to rush to the place of injury where they secrete pro-healing anti-inflammatory bio-signals that control and orchestrate tissue repair. Young bodies – and young skin – mount a robust repair response. But as we age, the population of repair messengers plummets and so does the ability to heal. It’s not that our body doesn’t have the tools to repair itself – they’re just so much fewer in number. EV™ replenishes those exact bio- signals to your body, helping to reduce inflammation and promote more youthful healing.

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