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Consumer’s guide to effective hair loss treatments in Singapore

More than just a growing worry in Singapore, hair loss is an unfortunate but natural circumstance that happens to a majority of men and women as they age.

However, with early prevention, a suitable and effective hair loss treatment for your scalp, you may be on your way to a fuller head of hair in no time.

In this article, you will find a brief guide explaining the following:

  • Hair loss facts
  • Hair loss vs hair thinning
  • Types of hair loss treatments in Singapore
  • Effectiveness of hair loss treatments

Hair Loss Facts

Healthy-looking hair is a sign of good overall health, which is why some people experience emotional distress when faced with hair loss problems. There are different types of hair loss, and they can be caused by a number of factors.

Although they may exhibit similar symptoms like bald spots and areas where the hair is visibly thinning, there is a thin line between hair loss and hair thinning.

Hair Loss vs Hair Thinning

The definition of hair loss is not just limited to the single strays that you see clogging up the drains in the bathroom. There are several signs of hair loss, and hair thinning is one of them. Other signs include bald spots (alopecia areata) or hair clumps.

papilla haircare hair thinning

Doctors may recommend a hair growth supplement or tonic to help stimulate the hair follicles in your scalp, promoting its regrowth. While these may work for some people, it may prove ineffective for others.

What Types of Hair Loss Treatments Are There?

Effective hair loss treatments include medically-backed and efficient solutions, one that is designed specifically to solve your hair loss problem.

Professional hair loss consultants or Trichologists also make sure that to encourage hair regrowth, the scalp is nourished and taken care of as well.

They do this by providing also deep follicle cleansing, removing dead skin cells, and analyzing the scalp for any inflammation that may deter hair growth.

Some hair loss treatments in Singapore such as the following ones have earned quite the following due to their varied effectiveness. It is best to seek professional advice before trying any of the following solutions on your own.

papilla haircare mesotherapy microneedlingLux LLLT Scalp Treatment photo of Kim Lim

  • Non-invasive treatments: Cell therapy
  • Off-the-shelf products: Hair supplements, hair tonic

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Effectiveness of Hair Loss Treatments

For the best results, many working men and women opted for non-invasive treatments because of the quick results and affordability. You can have a treatment today and return to the office the next day without anyone batting an eye – except for when they notice your new hair.

Results also vary from one individual to another. It may take you up to 3 sessions to achieve your desired hair goals, but it is best to consult your Trichologist or a medical professional on the recommended regime for you to begin seeing progress.

For reference, the effectiveness of the various hair loss treatments available in Singapore are as follows:

Type of treatment Effectiveness (on average)
Invasive treatments i.e. scalp reduction therapy 99% (with risks)
Papilla Haircare 100% medically-backed treatments including micro-needling and cell nutrition therapy 99%
Hair supplements; tonic 40 – 50%

How Papilla Haircare Can Help You

Papilla Haircare’s team of specialists who are trained to analyse your hair loss problem and recommend the most suitable for individuals according to their desired needs.

With 100% medically-backed hair treatment solutions, Papilla’s technology and modern hair loss treatments offer clients a hair regrowth journey that helps to nourish the scalp and hair follicles, giving clients a 99% success rate.

Individualized Hair Loss Treatments for Men and Women

Papilla Haircare offers specialized men and women hair loss treatments for early to advanced stages of hair loss.

The different treatments cater to the different causes of the problem that the clients face, with one such significance being the density of the hair loss.

Men experience a higher density of hair loss than women, and as such require a different dosage of treatment compared to the female counterparts.

The table below shows effectiveness of the hair loss treatments that are offered by Papilla Haircare, and the level of invasiveness and hair loss stage they are recommended for.

papilla haircare solutions treatment men and women

Papilla’s hair loss treatments are preferred among working men and women in Singapore because of their accuracy, affordability and effectiveness – just see the before/after results and testimonials.

papilla haircare treatment before after real

papilla haircare treatment before after real two

“I’ve tried many treatments, but Papilla Haircare is the only place where I’ve seen REAL results. I believe in their technology and would highly recommend it to anyone experiencing hair loss problems.”

– Sharon Tang (Satisfied Client)

“Its efficacy is undeniable. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of cell media, patients see significant improvements in a short time.” 

– Dr. Yung Sun Hye (Dermatologist)

“This is the best place for hair regrowth. It’s no miracle, it’s science.”

– Kim Lim (Celebrity & Entrepreneur)

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