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The Papilla Haircare Product for Greying Hair: Color Boost Series

The Color Boost Shampoo effectively rejuvenates weakened hair roots and restores the lost color, all while controlling the natural oil secretion in your scalp to reduce greasy or oily-looking hair.

Color Boost Series: Shampoo

papilla color boost series-shampoo

Papilla’s Color Boost Shampoo is designed to boost your hair’s density, increasing the volume of your hair, reducing the appearance of dandruff and hair fall whilst keeping your scalp feeling clean and healthy at the same time.

Color Boost Series: Conditioner

papilla color boost series conditioner

Papilla’s Color Boost Conditioner binds in perfectly, and protects the hair’s keratin fibers for stronger, thicker and more luscious hair.

Healthy hair begins with healthy roots. The Color Boost range contains a simplified formulation to revitalize the keratin fibers with active ingredients, and works to prevent hair loss, split ends, and prematurely greying hairs all the same.

For organic, scalp-friendly ingredients that promotes healthier, more voluminous hair, the Color Boost Shampoo and Conditioner is your ideal pick.

Clinically effective ingredients to fight hair loss

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The hallmark of Papilla Scalp, the range is fortified with botanical stem cell extracts to promote natural hair growth. Using ingredients that have been traditionally used for centuries, these build the powerful base for scientific developments in restructuring the hair growth cycle for virtually all scalp types.

Plant callus extracts, Camellia Sinensis and Panax Ginseng, in perfect, harmonious blend with the ingredients of modern, 21st century medicine, such as 4-Terpineol, Glutathione and the SOD Antioxidant Complex™, create the formula characterized by excellence only.

As the formula contains no parabens, sulfates, silicone, artificial colours or fragrances, there is zero potential for harm to the scalp or hair.

Why the Color Boost range works


All Papilla Scalp products are designed by board-certified dermatologists and scientists with extensive knowledge in hair growth and scalp health. Only through their deep understanding of the hair and scalp’s natural mechanisms, can we develop our novel and proprietary formulas at Papilla’s Patented BioScience Laboratories, located in Korea.

As the first medically backed scalp care and hair loss centre in Singapore, our products report only to the highest of standards, as passionate research and effort stand as the foundation for all our products and services.

Best in Singapore Badge

Papilla Haircare is also the first to adapt the all-encompassing Salmon PDRN/PRN (DNA) to hair loss and thinning, delivering equally excellent results for all types of hair loss.

Get the best results

hair regeneration results

Specifically formulated to soothe and stimulate aging scalps, Papilla’s Color Boost series promotes anti-inflammatory effects and effectively rekindles the lost youthfulness in greying hairs, stopping hair loss in its tracks directly at the roots.

Reactivate your hair growth with the Hair Regeneration Scalp Mask for the added boost in cell regeneration for all scalp types. Contains botanical Stem Cell extracts and Salmon PDRN for hair restoration in aging scalps.

Pair your Color Boost hair regrowth routine with the Color Boost Hair Tonic with PhytoKines. Tackling hair loss classifications from Type 1 to 3, and Type 4 to 6, this hair tonic is recommended as the first layer of protection against early to mild hair thinning, hair loss and prematurely damaged and greying hair.

The Color Boost hair and scalp care range is available in-store and on our online store.

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