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Best hair care tips for Singapore’s hot and humid weather


If you’ve been living in humid weather your whole life and are also struggling with hair problems like split ends or frizzy hair, you are not alone. Hair damage is a common result of prolonged exposure to humidity, weakening the hair shaft and causing breakage. Other similar problems that some people may face in a tropical climate like in Singapore can include:

  • Dry and brittle hair 

  • Split or dead ends

  • Greasy hair or oily hair

  • Hair fungus

  • Dandruff or itchy scalp

In this article, we will share some of the best hair care tips you can use to strengthen your hair and scalp, reduce split ends and easily achieve a healthy crown of hair.

Keep to a proper hair care routine

A proper hair care routine is more than a simple hair wash. In fact, overwashing your hair can do more harm than good. While it may feel refreshing to take a shower during hot days, washing your hair too much can strip it of its natural oils that it needs to stay moisturised and healthy.

A lack of proper moisture may result in dry or greasy hair. However, for some hair types, lesser cleansing may lead to hair fungus or inflammation. Tyy alternating your hair washes to twice or three days a week, and see how your hair and scalp responds to this routine. 

Wash with warm water

For those of us who shower with lukewarm water, rejoice! Researchers have actually proven the effectiveness of warm water in removing dirt and grime from our hair as compared to the cold rinses in salons. 

Contrary to the popular belief that cold water can help give the hair a glossier look, there is no conclusive proof that cold water contributes to the shine in our hair. If you’re looking to boost that shine, there are treatments that can help keep your hair moisturised and nurture it so it can grow long and healthy.


Invest in the right hair products

Other than the right shampoo and hair conditioner to keep it silky smooth and clean, there are hair products available in the market to help contain the frizz, protect it from the sun’s harmful rays as well as seal the moisture in for those really hot days. Certain shampoo types can suit different hair types, and types of lifestyles. Some examples include:

    • Normal hair shampoo: These typically contain lauryl sulfate as the main ingredient to help cleanse and condition the hair. This type of shampoo is suitable for people who have not undergone any form of treatment for their hair.
  • Dry hair shampoo: This type of shampoo works best for those of us who have had the occasional hair colouring treatments or other forms of chemical treatment or hair styling procedures done. These shampoos are not too harsh on the hair, while giving it a good cleansing at the same time.
  • Deep cleaning shampoo: These are especially suited for people who use hairstyling products often, such as hair gel, wax or styling spray. This type of shampoo contains a moderate amount of lauryl sulfate to help remove these chemicals that get stuck in the hair.

Tame your hair

With on-the-shelf anti-frizz treatments, you can manage frizzy hair and protect it from the humidity. Anti-frizz treatments contain proteins that help to enforce the bond in your hair cells, strengthening it and preventing further hair breakage. These products can also work as sun protection for your hair.

On top of that, applying hair moisturiser weekly can help to keep it looking sleek and shiny throughout the day. These moisturisers can also be a form of deep treatment and hydration for your hair, nourishing it and managing the frizziness and dry ends.

Another good hair taming product you can consider is hair oil. Much like moisturisers, hair oils like coconut oil or olive oil work deep into the cells of your hair and promote hair growth. Hair masks work in a similar way, providing nutrients and moisture to your hair and can be easily incorporated into your hair care routine after a good cleansing. 


Dry your hair naturally

Besides dry rubbing your hair with a towel, choose instead to leave it to dry on its own. Wet hair can be fragile and are more prone to breakage, and by rubbing it dry with a towel, you may be pulling on your tresses and causing more split and dry ends. 

If you find your hair dripping wet after a shower, dab on the ends of your hair with a towel and hold it for a few seconds. Continue dabbing the hair to dry it instead of rubbing it, and you may find yourself with softer hair in no time.

Maintaining healthy hair in hot and humid weather can be difficult, especially when your hair has proven to be unmanageable at times. But by adopting simple hair care tips in your hair care routine, you can prevent any further damage to your hair to prevent hair loss and encourage your hair to grow healthily.

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