EV™ Phytokines Transforming your body from within

By Charlotte Yap | March 30, 2020

Inside the vial of EV™ Phytokines

Ev Phytokines are important natural biochemicals in the human body and key ingredients in EV™. Papilla Haircare produces them using proprietary methods of laboratory stem cell culture. Because only the botanical plant extracts are used, EV™ contains no cells or cell parts....

7 Causes Of Hair Loss In Men & Women

By Papilla | March 30, 2020

Hair loss, also known as alopecia or balding, can be problematic as it clogs up your shower drain and results in a build-up over the carpet or hairbrush.

Hair shedding will tend to occur more than usual, giving rise to hair fall everywhere. These dropping hair strands can impede the flow of life – leading to...

Genetic vs. Reactive Male Hair Loss

By Charlotte Yap | March 30, 2020

About 85% of men face hair thinning by the time they turn 50. In fact, some guys start to encounter hair loss before they turn 21.

Male pattern hair loss is mostly caused by genetics or family history of balding. Research findings have found that male pattern baldness is linked with male sex hormones called...

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