Lifestyle changes to reduce hair loss & thinning

By Papilla | February 02, 2021

We ingest tiny capsules of vitamins and supplements in hopes of restoring the volume and strength our hair. But if you look closely at what these pills are made of, you will notice that they contain the very nutrients we can obtain in our diets and are produced in our bodies. However, many are avoidant of making ...

Does scrubbing salt on your scalp really help hair growth?

By Papilla | January 20, 2021

Salt has long been used for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. As a readily-available kitchen condiment, salt can boost the health of your scalp and hair in a simple and convenient hair scalp treatment in Singapore in the form of a scalp scrub.

Salt is a go-to home remedy for treating sore throats or...

Best treatment for hair loss in men

By Papilla | January 19, 2021

It can put a damper on your mood when you start experiencing hair thinning or bald spots on some areas of your scalp. As subtle as they may be, hair loss in men can create drastic physiological, emotional, and social impact, such as lower self-esteem and productivity.

It is impossible to turn back time when you...

Can men and ladies use the same hair loss treatment?

By Papilla | December 23, 2020

Hair loss happens to anyone regardless of age or gender. If you are wondering about the effectiveness of hair loss treatment for men and ladies, here are some facts about the treatments for different gender types.

Causes of hair loss in men and ladies

While the most common cause of hair loss is genetics, other ...

Best treatment for hair loss in ladies

By Papilla | November 23, 2020

A common and natural condition, hair loss is experienced by men and ladies alike, and even more so in their 40s and 50s. While men may experience balding and thinning areas on their scalp, shockingly over 50% of women experience bald spots and hair thinning from an early age.

There are many different causes of...

How to treat balding in men - Male hair loss treatment Singapore

By Papilla | August 20, 2020

Male hair loss is a prevalent condition, where men may begin experiencing signs of hair thinning, or “telogen effluvium”, from as young as 18 years of age.

Nearly 20% of men will experience extensive hair loss before they turn 30, and it is becoming a common issue to seek effective treatments to combat hair loss...

What are the common causes of hairloss?

By Papilla | July 27, 2020

Have you ever noticed your hair shedding daily and wondered if you are balding? If you have then, you’re definitely not alone. Everyone experiences a bit of hair shedding daily, and it's completely normal. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is normal to shed between 50 to 100 hairs in a day,...

Best hair care tips for Singapore's hot and humid weather

By Papilla | June 30, 2020

If you’ve been living in humid weather your whole life and are also struggling with hair problems like split ends or frizzy hair, you are not alone. Hair damage is a common result of prolonged exposure to humidity, weakening the hair shaft and causing breakage. Other similar problems that some people may face in...

Choose the best hair care products for your hair type

By Papilla | June 27, 2020

Are you using the correct hair care products for your hair type?

When learning to care for your hair, finding out your hair type is only half the battle. Once you have identified your hair type, it is important to understand how the right hair products can help you to achieve the best hair care routine. 


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