Wavy or Curly Hair with Itchy Scalp: How Do I Treat It?

By Papilla | April 12, 2021

Having to deal with an itchy scalp because of having wavy or curly hair can be inconvenient. Dandruff, flaky skin, and painful scabbing of the scalp are all common consequences of persistent scratching, which can also inflict damage to the hair follicles. Many people need to know how to treat an itchy scalp, but...

What are the Available Treatments for Thinning Hair In Singapore?

By Papilla | April 05, 2021

Thinning hair in Singapore is a condition that can affect both men and women. Male hair loss is incredibly common with 40% of men suffering from noticeable hair loss by the time they reach the age of 30, and unfortunately, women are not safe from hair thinning either.

Female hair loss is also not a rare...

How Do I Know Which is The Best Hair or Scalp Treatment For Me?

By Papilla | April 05, 2021

We can combat the hair and scalp problems and achieve our dream of bouncy, glossy, anti-frizz and strong hair by appropriate hair and scalp treatments. Read on to learn about some of the best hair treatment options available in Singapore for your hair and scalp problems.

A survey among Singapore women on hair and...

Why Hair Loss In Men Is A Sign Of Underlying Health Problems

By Papilla | March 25, 2021

Hair loss in men is seen as an inevitable fact of life. 1 in 4 men is affected by hair loss by the age of 30, however, most men do not expect to be suffering from hair loss in their teens and early 20s. Studies show that 25% of men who have male pattern baldness start to lose their hair before the age of 21.


7 Stages of Male Pattern Baldness In Singaporean Men

By Papilla | March 23, 2021

We take our hair for granted, until we witness a tuft in our hairbrush. According to research, 50% of men experience full or partial balding before they hit 50 years of age. Alarmingly, men in Singapore can experience hair loss or male pattern baldness as early as 15 or 16 years old.

A simple Google search on...

6 Foods That Can Prevent Hair Loss

By Papilla | March 08, 2021

More often than not, our everyday routine may be causing stress on our hair and scalp, and this can include our diets. Studies have proven that nutritional factors contribute to hair loss and hair growth, and by including the type of foods for hair loss in your diet, it can restore your crown of glory again.


Do you know the Sun can damage your hair?

By Papilla | March 02, 2021

As much as Vitamin D works wonders for our skin and hair growth, being exposed to the sun for far too long can bring about sun damage to our hair.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can damage the outer cover of the hair strands due to harmful UVA and UVB rays.

How does the Sun pose damage to our hair?

Sun damage to...

How often to trim hair to avoid split ends?

By Papilla | February 17, 2021

Everyone struggles with split ends from time to time. It is not unheard of to have split or dead ends in our hair. But poor hair care habits or a lack thereof can result in forlorn-looking and frizzy hair. In the deadened heat of the sun in Singapore, this can add to a throng of hair problems, including dry hair...

How is S.E.P. Activator different from Cell Nutrition Therapy?

By Papilla | February 08, 2021

Hair loss solutions in Singapore vary from surgical to non-surgical procedures such as laser treatments and microneedling. At Papilla Haircare, all forms of hair loss can be treated with our signature hair loss treatments - S.E.P. Activator and Cell Nutrition Therapy

The effectiveness of the hair loss...