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3 Ways to Show Your Scalp You Care

If taking care of your skin were a love story, your scalp would be the unrequited lover. Hidden under all that hair, the scalp is mostly neglected, and we often forget it requires as much TLC as the rest of our skin. Plus, a healthy scalp equals stronger, longer, healthier hair. 

This Valentine’s Day and going forward, make a commitment to show your scalp some love. It’s actually easier than you think. All you have to do is follow this simple routine. 

Cleanse and condition everyday: Not only will washing your scalp remove any dirt, sebum, product build-up and impurities of the day, it will also help to rebalance the scalp so it can provide the perfect environment for healthy hair growth. Your lengths need some TLC too and that’s where a conditioner comes in. Conditioners help hydrate and nourish lengths while forming a protective barrier to help prevent frizz and damage from the elements. 

The Hair Rewind shampoos and conditioner masks are perfect for all hair and scalp types as they are free from nasties and are packed with clinical skincare ingredients like the Phyto-Revive Complex that has been specially formulated for Papilla Haircare. It helps to improve scalp health, reduce hair fall and improve hair density thanks to a blend of botanical extracts. The conditioner masks all double up as masks and can be used on the scalp as they don’t have silicones and won’t clog your pores. The conditioner masks are rich in Encapsulated Marine Algae that works to fight frizz, repair and strengthen lengths as it penetrates the hair shaft thanks to a time-release nano-delivery system. Together the Hair Rewind shampoos and conditioner masks work to keep your scalp, roots and lengths balanced, healthy and lush.

Exfoliate weekly: Think of this as your weekly deep cleanse. Gentle, but frequent exfoliation will effectively get rid of dead skin, dirt and debris that can clog the hair follicle and hamper hair growth. The Bio-Enzyme Scalp Mask is an extremely gentle exfoliator that would work well for all scalp types, but especially those with sensitive or irritated scalps because it uses protease to break down dead skin and debris versus acids or physical beads. This ensures the scalp is exfoliated without any further irritation. Plus it has antimicrobial peptides, salmon PDRN and botanical stem cells that help strengthen the scalp, provide protection against free radical damage, help maintain healthy pH levels and prevent hair loss. Once the scalp is rid of all the dead skin, it is better able to receive nutrients from your hair tonic or treatment. 

Get a scalp treatment regularly: A scalp massage is one of the easiest and simplest ways to stimulate blood circulation which helps improve scalp health and boost hair growth and all of our scalp treatments include the most relaxing, serotonin-inducing head massages. When these massages are coupled with our state of the art technology that delivers scalp nourishing ingredients to the skin, it really helps boost the effects of all the treatments and takes your scalp care game to a whole new level.  

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