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3 Ways to Keep Your Scalp Happy And Healthy

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Hands up if you have a shelf full of cleansers, serums and moisturisers to take care of your skin, but only a shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp and hair healthy. While there is nothing wrong in having multiple products in your skincare arsenal, extending the same TLC to your scalp is the key to growing lustrous hair you’ve always wanted.

If you’ve noticed dryness, flakes or redness, have experienced scalp irritation and itching, or even accelerated hair loss, it’s time to pay more attention to your scalp. After all, a balanced scalp ensures healthy hair growth. Here are three treatments that will keep your scalp healthy, and you can even do some of them yourself at home!

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Bio-Enzyme Scalp Mask

Just as you would use an exfoliator for your face, your scalp will also benefit from regular exfoliation.

The Bio-Enzyme Scalp Mask helps slough off dead skin cells, as well as clear product build-up, excessive sebum, dirt and flakes. This in turn helps to unclog hair follicles, maintain the pH balance, repair the scalp’s natural protective barrier and protect hair from free radical damage. It also has anti-dandruff and an anti-inflammatory effect on the scalp making it ideal for sensitive, oily, inflamed scalps or even those with seborrheic dermatitis.

The nozzle of the bottle allows you to get right to the hairline and problem areas to deliver the gentle formula that is packed with botanical stem cell extracts, salmon PDRN and anti-microbial peptides that exfoliate the scalp without causing any irritation. All it needs is 5 minutes to work before you wash it off with shampoo to reveal a clear, healthy scalp.

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Colour Boost Hair Tonic with PhytoKines

You wouldn’t think twice about using a serum for your face, so why not try one for your scalp as well? Gently massage this Tonic onto a clean, dry scalp to boost scalp wellness as well as hair growth.

The Colour Boost Hair Tonic with PhytoKines is filled with the goodness of botanical stem cell extracts and Allosterys PETM to protect scalp and hair from free radical damage and ensure the scalp is nourished and strong enough to support a healthy hair cycle, reduce hair loss and boost hair density. It gets to the roots (pun intended) to help reduce greying of hair, inhibit enzyme 5-alpha reductase (which can lead to excessive hair loss) and strengthen hair anchoring in dermal papilla. It also has anti-dandruff and an anti-inflammatory effect to further promote scalp health.

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S.E.P Activator Treatment

Think of this treatment as getting an aesthetic treatment, but for your scalp. Not only does it tackle any scalp issues, it also helps halt hair loss. The FDA-approved technology, is a needle-free treatment that allows delivery of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the scalp. We’re talking vitamins, amino acids, collagen, elastine and hyaluronic acid as well as salmon PDRN, Allosterys PETM, growth factors and SOD Antioxidant Complex™ among other nourishing substances that will help tackle scalp issues.

Why is this important? Not all substances are easily absorbed by the scalp. But this technology uses low electrical pulses and the skin’s water based channels for painless transdermal delivery of scalp-nourishing substances making it 17 times more effective than topical applications.

S.E.P Activator Treatment is suitable for all scalp types and conditions, and promises controlled, precise and homogeneous delivery of nutritious substances. Plus, it causes zero damage to tissue and cells and is completely safe, making it ideal for anyone with scalp and hair loss issues.

While all of these treatments are targeted towards improving scalp health, the results achieved may vary for each individual.

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