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3 simple ways to maintain a youthful scalp


When it comes to ageing well, most beauty industry insiders will agree that the old adage “prevention is better than cure” holds true. It’s always easier to delay the appearance of lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and sagging skin than it is to correct them. Which is why we arm our beauty arsenal with the best serums, moisturisers, sunscreens, treatments and facials to keep our skin looking healthy and youthful.

Yet, somehow we always seem to ignore the skin on our heads. The scalp actually ages six times faster than the skin on your face and yet we don’t seem to have a healthy well-ageing routine that goes beyond shampooing and conditioning. Typically, most people come to Papilla Haircare only when they have noticed some scalp concerns or significant hair loss. Here are three things you can do to keep your scalp healthy and young and help prevent and delay severe scalp conditions and hair loss.

Use the right shampoo and conditioner

As the scalp starts to age it loses moisture and from within, it starts to lose pigment as well. Adding the Hair Rewind Anti-Greying Shampoo and Conditioner Mask can help with both of these concerns. The Anti-Greying Shampoo is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids that help fortify the scalp and preserve and boost levels of melanin in the hair shaft. It also has Pre-M, a proprietary ingredient that promotes gradual deposition of natural dark pigments that protect and maintain natural hair colour while enhancing hair shine.

The Hair Rewind Anti-Greying Conditioner Mask, which can be used on the lengths of the hair as well as the scalp helps to rebalance the scalp’s oil and water reserves with natural oils. It has Multi-Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol, which sink into the various layers of the scalp to flood it with moisture and maintain lasting hydration. All the goodness is sealed in with a natural protective lightweight coating thanks to encapsulated Marine Algae in the formula. The conditioner also has frizz-smoothing and detangling benefits for the hair.

Add a hair tonic to your scalp care routine

Think of it as a serum for your scalp that keeps it healthy and boosts the hair growth cycle. Applying a hair tonic like the Hair Regeneration Tonic with PhytoKines (Hair Loss 1 to 3) on a clean scalp along the hairline and problem areas can help inhibit 5-alpha reductase to prevent hair loss and boost hair density for healthier, thicker hair thanks to ingredients like botanical stem cell extracts and Allosterys. It can also prevent damage from free radicals, reinforce hair anchoring in the dermal papilla to prevent hair fall and has an overall anti-inflammatory effect on the scalp. Free from any nasties, it is the ideal hair tonic to add to your scalp anti-ageing regimen.


Get regular scalp treatments

Just as you would get regular facials to keep your skin bright, hydrated and glowing, getting a scalp treatment will help keep your scalp healthy, hydrated and primed for optimal hair growth. The Customised Jet Infusion Scalp Treatment can treat a variety of scalp concerns and conditions ranging from dry, flaky, itchy scalps to oily and sensitive types. After an in-depth consultation and a scalp assessment, the hair specialist will customise a serum blend best suited to your unique scalp concerns. To ensure that the serum is fully absorbed and not blocked by any debris, the scalp is first gently exfoliated to lift away product build up, dead skin and sebum. The customised serum is then infused in the scalp with a medical grade jet device that helps penetration of the serum into the upper and deeper layers of the scalp thanks to the high-pressure oxygen emitted by the device. The hour-long session ends with Lux LLLT Scalp Treatment that uses red light therapy to seal in all the goodness. You will walk out with your scalp feeling healthier, balanced and refreshed.

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